In an HR context, “competencies” means the skills and attributes of an individual that enables him or her to perform effectively at work.

Employers can use the skills, knowledge and behaviours possessed by employees to help improve levels of organisational performance.

Graduates screened by online psychometric tests to ensure property firm attracts best candidates

3 Oct 2006

Property adviser GVA Grimley has introduced online psychometric tests to enhance its graduate recruitment process.
Each year the company receives...

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Ethnic minority applicants face discrimination at job interviews over experience and languages

7 Jun 2006

Job interview discrimination disadvantages ethnic minorities.

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British Airways information chief calls for IT training to be integral part of all university courses

28 Mar 2006

Chairman of chief infomation officers board at E-Skills highlights need for essential IT skills.

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Exam results row deflects attention from real challenge

18 Aug 2005

Differentiating between equally qualified candidates is the real challenge for employers, according to the CIPD.

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Uninspired staff hold back UK business

9 Aug 2005

UK businesses are losing talented younger staff as uninspired 'stags' block their career paths.

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Online testing to speed up EU candidate choice

26 Jul 2005

The European Personnel Selection Office (Epso), the body responsible for the recruitment of EU officials, is introducing computer-based testing to cope with the large number of candidates who want to join the organisation

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New scheme bridges generation gap

26 Apr 2005

French pharmaceutical firm Galderma has introduced a competency scheme to tackle a generation gap between more experienced staff and younger...

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Network Rail seeks to recruit MG Rover staff

22 Apr 2005

Network Rail has announced that it will employ almost 200 of the 5,000 Rover workers who have been made redundant.

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Bouncers given more time to gain licence to operate

6 Apr 2005

Security staff have been given until 5 June to gain licence to operate.

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Army official says lack of intelligence explains suicidal tendencies

22 Mar 2005

Senior officer causes outrage over suicidal tendencies of Army's new recruits.

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Employers’ Organisation highlights local government recruitment crisis

19 Nov 2004

Councils are facing a crisis in recruitment for regulatory services such as trading standards and environmental health, according to the...

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DTI launches programme to make UK scientific centre of excellence

17 Nov 2004

The Department of Trade and Indstry (DTI) will today launch its five-year programme putting science, innovation and technology at the...

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