The effect of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic on employment is huge, as employees are urged to self-isolate, people are told to avoid social contact, and businesses implement government restrictions. The Covid-19 coronavirus is an example of an infectious diseases that has had a significant impact on business or led to public health policies that employers need to adhere to. This category also covers other infectious diseases that have affected workplace activities in the past, for example Ebola, MERS, SARS, swine flu and bird flu, as employers move to protect their staff  and the public from potential infection or deal with the fallout of epidemics or pandemics.

How to avoid the risks associated with business travel

1 Sep 2016

What preparations should companies make to cut down on the risks associated with business travel? Rob Walker, of International SOS...

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How can HR protect the safety of globally mobile employees?

8 Jun 2016

Employees are posted to ever more countries, yet threats like natural disasters, terrorism and medical endemics loom large. What can...

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ebola outbreak

Ebola: Five best practices when planning for an outbreak

23 Feb 2016

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has changed the way society at large considers, prepares, plans and responds to health...

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Why healthcare workers need seasonal influenza vaccination

26 Aug 2015

Seasonal influenza vaccinations are important for healthcare workers in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Occupational health adviser Grant Ciccone...

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general nursing

Occupational health profile: Helen Kirk, professional lead (nursing and midwifery), Public Health England

2 Jul 2015

Among her many responsibilities, occupational health nurse Helen Kirk is leading a nursing revalidation pilot at Public Health England (PHE)....

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Keeping employees safe in high-risk environments

18 Jun 2015

The ongoing threat of Ebola and terrorist attacks on journalists in the Middle East bring into focus the issues employers...

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Infectious diseases and occupational health nursing: a Singapore perspective

1 May 2015

Experience as an occupational health (OH) professional based in Singapore has led Grant Ciccone to the view that biological hazards,...

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Avoiding sharps injuries: put prevention before cure

30 Oct 2014

Needlestick injuries (NSIs) are one of the most common injuries for healthcare workers. Clare Tregoning discusses what measures can be...

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Nurses at the hospital in Madrid, where nurse Teresa Romero was infected with Ebola, protest at spending cuts. REX/ZUMA

Ebola: should employers prepare?

22 Oct 2014

With developments on the spread of the Ebola virus hitting the headlines, and world leaders calling on the international community...

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Managing expats in dangerous areas: what employers need to know

29 Jun 2010

Political unrest in Thailand has highlighted the dangers companies face when sending staff to work in far-flung parts of the...

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Swine flu: legal Q&A

20 Jul 2009

With swine flu continuing to spread, more and more questions are being asked as to what employers should do to...

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Swine flu: containing the virus

3 Jul 2009

With swine flu now officially confirmed as a global pandemic, what steps can be taken to limit the spread of the virus within the workplace? Joan Lewis and Linda Goldman report.

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Swine flu outbreak and occupational health

28 May 2009

As the number of swine flu cases continues to rise, what role should occupational health be playing in the workplace? Nic Paton reports.

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Swine flu: 10 things HR professionals and employers need to do now

1 May 2009

Swine flu is here in the UK, and no-one is sure how widely it will spread, and how severely it will strike.There were three flu...

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CPD quiz: Immunisation policy

2 Mar 2009

1 What does an immunisation policy need to be based upon? a) Cost b) The qualifications of the OH practitioner...

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