Ethnicity pay gap reporting

Mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting in the UK was a key recommendation in The McGregor-Smith Review into Race in the Workplace in 2017. In October 2018 the government launched a consultation to look at how such race pay gap reporting might work in practice. The measure hopes to build on the gender pay gap reporting requirements for larger UK employers with the intention of reducing wage inequality for black and minority ethnic (BME) workers.

What did the Race Commission tell employers about bias?

The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities’ report has been condemned for ‘whitewashing’, but what messages did it have for HR and business?

Employment law in limbo: Key proposals to resurrect in 2021

4 Feb 2021

Many proposed employment law changes that the government has put forward in the last few years have stalled, mainly as...

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Black staff at Lloyds paid 16.7% less than white colleagues

11 Dec 2020

Average pay and bonuses for black employees at Lloyds Banking Group are significantly lower than what their white colleagues receive,...

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London ethnicity pay gap at almost a quarter

13 Oct 2020

White British employees in London are paid almost a quarter more than their BAME colleagues, new data has revealed.

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Deloitte partners to take major pay cut

1 Oct 2020

Partners at professional services giant Deloitte in the UK are set for a 17% pay cut because of the Covid-19 pandemic's impact.

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Almost a quarter now calculate ethnicity pay gap

10 Sep 2020

Two-thirds of businesses are now collecting ethnicity data on their employees and almost a quarter have calculated their ethnicity pay...

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BP fuels diversity and inclusion drive

27 Aug 2020

BP aims to report its ethnicity pay gap by 2022 as it looks to be guided by 'meritocracy, inclusivity and fairness'.

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‘Ethnicity pay gap reporting will help achieve equality’

15 Jun 2020

With calls for ethnicity pay gap reporting to be made mandatory, employers are being encouraged to begin collecting the data they need now.

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‘Introduce ethnicity pay gap reporting now’, government urged

12 Jun 2020

A petition urging the government to introduce mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting has gained the support of responsible business network...

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Global businesses embrace Black Lives Matter movement

9 Jun 2020

Businesses break with the past to express support for Black Lives Matter as CEOs and founders tell of their revulsion at recent killings in the US.

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Ethnicity pay gap reporting: firms urged not to wait for legislation

26 Feb 2020

Employers should not be waiting for ethnicity pay gap reporting to become mandatory to look at how they can improve...

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Labour vows to bring in ethnicity pay gap reporting

26 Nov 2019

A Labour government would introduce ethnicity pay gap reporting and consider the introduction of “blind CVs” to help tackle discrimination....

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Should salary history questions be outlawed?

3 Sep 2019

Ending employers' ability to ask candidates about salary history could help tackle gender and ethnicity pay gaps but how best to achieve this?

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Ethnicity pay gap: Bangladeshi workers lowest paid in the UK

9 Jul 2019

Bangladeshi workers have lowest hourly pay in the UK  – earning around a fifth less than White British employees, according...

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Employers lack data needed to analyse ethnicity pay gap

21 Mar 2019

Ninety-five per cent of employers have not analysed their ethnicity pay gap, with many lacking the data that will enable...

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