Team reward

Small firms enter into the Christmas spirit

17 Nov 2005

Small private sector companies are more likely to provide a gift at Christmas or organise a party than larger employers.

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Christmas parties fall victim to fear of litigation

31 Oct 2005

Bosses have cancelled festive celebrations to cut costs and remove the risk of litigation.

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Reward programmes fail to deliver results

26 Oct 2005

Doubts surface over value of reward programmes.

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Forced jollity in the office irritates workers

4 Aug 2005

Can't be bothered to buy cakes on your birthday? Don't like dress-down days? You are not alone

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No holiday rights for people on long-term sick leave

27 Apr 2005

In a landmark decision the Court of Appeal has ruled that workers on long-term sick leave do not accrue the right to paid holiday.

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Corporate parties cost £2.5bn a year

20 Apr 2005

Companies are splashing out £2.5bn a year on corporate parties, according to latest figures.

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Your HR department needs support too

15 Mar 2005

The news that HR professionals are less likely to cope with life's most unsettling events than any other profession isn't in itself surprising, but it is worrying.

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Eureka! The benefits of staff suggestion schemes

4 Mar 2005

John Charlton discovers how National Ideas Day will provide a forum for staff suggestion schemes

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Win one of ten £25 Marks & Spencer vouchers

6 Dec 2004

What are your worst staff Christmas party nightmares? Enter’s online Christmas survey for your chance to win one of ten £25 Marks & Spencer vouchers.

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Hot property

30 Nov 2004

The strong commercial property market presents HR with some big challenges. Antony Adshead reports

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He’s having a laugh

28 Sep 2004

Andy Moore meets a man charged with keeping call centre staff happy at work

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How to set up an incentive scheme

17 Feb 2004

As well as keeping them happy, rewarding staff can help organisations with retention and development.

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Big adventures

1 Feb 2004

Organisations are taking a more strategic approach to their use of the outdoors in experiential learning. Margaret Kubicek takes a look at how providers are responding to client needs

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