Public sector

Police plead guilty over ethnic recruitment

23 Jan 2001

The Metropolitan Police artificially boosted the number of
non-white officers serving on the force in figures submitted to the Home...

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Police support staff disappointed by pay offer

18 Jan 2001

A 3 per cent pay offer for 30,000 police support staff will
be referred to Acas tomorrow for binding arbitration....

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Railtrack upgrade planned with real military precision

12 Dec 2000

Staff on Railtrack’s West Coast Main
Working Line upgrade are learning the planning skills used in military
About 100...

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Police support staff debate racism

10 Nov 2000

Racism in the police service will be debated by delegates at public-sector union Unison’s seminar for police support staff this...

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Supportive managers help police cope with traumatic incidents

8 Nov 2000

Good, supportive supervision is the best way of being assisted after a traumatic incident, according to a survey of police...

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Duty of care owed to police officer

12 Sep 2000

Waters v Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police IDS Brief 668, House of Lords.In 1988 Waters alleged that while off duty...

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Ads boost police staff drive

5 Sep 2000

Three television adverts featuring celebrities are being used to kick-start a national recruitment campaign for the police force.The £7m Could...

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Police want to interview more HRprofessionals

16 May 2000

Best Value will result in an HR recruitment boom in the police force, practitioners in the service have predicted.Police HR...

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Police spy tactics may weed out malingerers

7 Mar 2000

Major public-sector employers could follow the lead of the police and use
covert surveillance to check up on staff believed...

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Met police’s HR revamp tackles skills shortages

15 Feb 2000

The Metropolitan Police force is revolutionising its HR practices in a drive
to retain staff and improve its crime detection...

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Good karma for police on the beat

1 Feb 2000

This week’s guru column
• Last week we reported on an NHS trust providing squeezy balls to staff to

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