Public sector

HR plays major role in Ulster police overhaul

11 Sep 2001

The first civilian head of HR at the Royal Ulster Constabulary started work
last week and will be central to...

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Report puts gender top of agenda for the police

4 Sep 2001

Police HR directors have been urged to embrace a new equality project which
is hoped will improve the recruitment and...

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Police launch ‘gender agenda’

22 Aug 2001

project to promote the role of female officers in the police was launched in
Birmingham yesterday.
Office minister...

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Lennox Lewis heads drive for black and Asian police officers

8 Aug 2001

Boxer Lennox Lewis is spearheading a new police recruitment
drive amid concerns that some forces are failing to hire enough...

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Police numbers to hit 130,000, claims Blunkett

28 Jun 2001

Home Secretary David Blunkett last night pledged to have at
least 130,000 police officers on the beat “within the lifetime...

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Midlands police force seeking gay recruits

15 Jun 2001

Police Force has launched a gay and lesbian recruitment drive to help fill 100
gay advice centre...

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Midlands police force launches innovative recruitment drive

12 Jun 2001

Police has launched a recruitment drive aimed at increasing its representation
of ethnic minorities and women in the force....

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Police moonlighting put under scrutiny

7 Jun 2001

Scotland Yard is launching an
investigation into police officers who have unregistered outside business
A report in today’s The...

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Police recruit high numbers

1 May 2001

The number of police recruits who entered residential training last year
rose by 77 per cent, according to latest figures....

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Police initiative to attract Muslim women recruits

24 Apr 2001

Muslim women police officers will be allowed to wear traditional headscarves as
part of an initiative in London to...

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Police in gun control study

24 Apr 2001

The way police
forces select officers for firearms duty could be transformed as a result of
new research.

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Police recruitment soars

23 Apr 2001

The number of people joining the police force has risen by
77 per cent over the last year according to...

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New police cyber unit to crack down on Internet crime

19 Apr 2001

who abuse company IT systems could find themselves collared by a specialist
cyber police unit launched last week.

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Police campaign aims to recruit gay officers

20 Mar 2001

second largest police force has launched the service’s first major campaign to
recruit gays and lesbians.
and Borders...

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Gay and lesbian police recruitment drive in Scotland

14 Mar 2001

Scotland’s second largest
police force has launched the first major campaign to recruit gays and
Lothian and Borders Police...

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