Smoking in the workplace

In the UK, smoke-free legislation provides that most workplaces must be smoke free.

Employers should review their policies and practices on a regular basis, to ensure that they are complying with the legislation, including for example in relation to their vehicles and employees who work remotely.


E-cigarettes at work: what do the experts say?

27 Nov 2014

Should employers allow the use of electronic cigarettes at work? Deborah Arnott, chief executive of public health charity Action on...

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Man smoking an e-cigarette

Managing the use of e-cigarettes in the workplace

27 Jun 2014

The increasing use of e-cigarettes, which are not covered by the same legislation as tobacco products, means employers may have...

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Woman using an e-cigarette

Legal Q&A: E-cigarettes in the workplace

11 Feb 2014

Victoria Clark, associate at Clarion, answers employers’ questions on how to deal with the use of electronic cigarettes in the...

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Benefits Overhaul 2012: Part 7 – Healthy staff, healthy business

8 Oct 2012

Should employers support employee health beyond simply managing absence? Welfare reform and the sickness absence review have placed employers right...

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Are fit notes working?

2 Mar 2011

Introduced to considerable fanfare last year, fit notes were intended to reduce the number of people on long-term sickness absence...

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Equality Act 2010: Guidance and advice for employers and HR

22 Sep 2010

Most of the Equality Act 2010 came into force on 1 October 2010 and employers need to make sure they...

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Government confirms 1 October implementation of Equality Act

22 Sep 2010

The Government yesterday confirmed that the main provisions of the Equality Act 2010 will come into force on 1 October...

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Smoking ban extension will include workplace entrances

2 Feb 2010

The government has announced that it is considering extending the smoking ban to cover the area outside entrances to workplaces and...

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Excercise fails to move UK adults

3 Aug 2009

Two thirds of British adults fail to take enough exercise, and could therefore be putting themselves at greater risk of...

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Smokers cost NHS £5bn a year and employers more than £2bn

24 Jun 2009

Smokers cost the NHS £5bn a year, employers more than £2bn a year in absence and lost working time, and...

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Stop-smoking programmes cost NHS £61m

22 Sep 2008

The NHS spent almost £61m on services to help people stop smoking last year – £10m more than in 2006-07...

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Obese smokers take more sick leave, employees believe

1 Jul 2008

More than half of employees believe overweight employees who smoke are the worst offenders for taking excessive time off work,...

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Men’s health: Office surgery

28 May 2008

Men are much more reluctant than women to visit their GP about health problems, but it’s possible to reach out...

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Smoking ban: has it eliminated the effects of passive smoking?

7 May 2008

Survey results show that the smoking ban has reduced, but not eliminated, the effects of second-hand smoke. Joe Patton reports.

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Dame Carol Black video interview: Working for a healthier tomorrow

11 Apr 2008

Dame Carol Black, author of Working for a Healthier Tomorrow, talks to Noel O’Reilly about what her government – commissioned...

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