The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) defines work-related stress as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them at work”. Employers have a legal duty to manage the risks to employees’ health and safety, including the risks arising from stress.

Stress is frequently identified as one of the biggest causes of long-term sickness absence in employee absence studies and surveys. Following a good practice approach to managing stress is likely to have organisational benefits for employers, including reducing sickness absence.

‘Commit to mental health first aid in party manifestos’, politicians urged

Politicians have been urged to commit to putting mental and physical first aid on an equal footing if they win...

One worker in three considers leaving their job because of stress

6 Nov 2019

More than a third of employees (35%) have considered leaving their job because of work-related stress brought on by heavy...

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CIPD’s Peter Cheese: HR’s role in improving mental health

10 Oct 2019

On World Mental Health Day, HR teams have been reminded of the scale of the mental ill health “epidemic” and...

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Free stress management course for our readers

10 Oct 2019

PROMOTED | Personnel Today has teamed up with Unchainyourbrain to give our readers access to a free course in stress management...

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Mandatory reporting would improve staff mental health, a third of firms say

8 Oct 2019

Almost a third (30%) of employers think mandatory reporting of workplace mental health statistics would help make organisations more accountable...

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Organisation-wide interventions needed to tackle ‘endemic’ NHS burnout

30 Sep 2019

Only organisation-wide interventions will help protect the wellbeing of doctors and avoid “endemic” burnout“ within the NHS, according to a...

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HSE to publish work-related stress investigations criteria

25 Sep 2019

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is set to publish the criteria required for it to begin an investigation into...

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Workplace culture contributing to ‘psychological harm’

23 Sep 2019

Poor practices and cultures are contributing to the “psychological harm” of employees, with 39% of UK workers suffering symptoms of...

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Stressed staff turn to ‘unhealthy’ coping mechanisms over professional help

20 Sep 2019

Many workers who feel stressed are turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as alcohol and “stress eating” rather than seeking...

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Record number of staff receiving mental health first aid training

2 Sep 2019

Organisations are training record numbers of employees in mental health first aid in order to combat rising reports of stress,...

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men's mental health at work

Men fear abilities will be questioned if mental health is raised, survey finds

22 Aug 2019

Four in 10 men who struggle with their mental health feel unable to talk to their manager about it because...

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Third of staff under ‘extreme’ pressure while colleagues are on holiday

20 Aug 2019

More than a third (34%) of staff claim they feel under “extreme” pressure or have panic attacks because of the...

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Surge in mental health issues at Hinkley Point C ‘highly disturbing’

14 Aug 2019

There has been a surge in the number of workers on the Hinkley Point C construction project who are grappling...

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mental health sickness absence

Majority of staff hiding real reason for suspected mental health absence

31 Jul 2019

Eighty-eight per cent of organisations believe employees have taken sickness absence because of mental ill health over the past year,...

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France Telecom protest

Telecoms giant awaits verdict on top executives in staff suicides case

12 Jul 2019

A trial of senior executives could lead to jail sentences over a wave of suicides as employees suffered appalling levels of workplace stress

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