Criminal records

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Time periods for disclosing criminal convictions reduced

The period of time in which individuals must disclose any criminal convictions to their employer or prospective employer has been…


Why employers should stop discriminating against ex-offenders

21 Oct 2013

Edwina Hughes discusses Business in the Community’s campaign to “ban the box” that many ex-offenders are required to tick on application forms.

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Relaxation of criminal record checks announced

27 Mar 2013

Old and minor criminal convictions will no longer be included in criminal record checks, following changes announced by the Home…

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How is the vetting and barring regime going to change?

10 Sep 2012

Well intentioned though it undoubtedly was, the 2006 Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act spread its net very wide, so its replacement…

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Vetting and barring changes 2012: three things employers need to know

5 Sep 2012

From 10 September 2012, a number of amendments to the vetting and barring scheme, which is designed to protect vulnerable…

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How DHL Supply Chain works successfully with ex-offenders

8 May 2012

Trish Hopkinson, senior HR business partner at DHL Supply Chain, tells Personnel Today about the challenges involved in devising a…

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Can your business transform lives?

9 Dec 2011

Sally Smith, director of people at Sue Ryder, explains how the organisation’s prison volunteer programme (PVP) has turned lives around and…

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Criminal record checks to be significantly scaled back

11 Feb 2011

More than nine million people working with children and vulnerable adults will no longer have to undergo criminal background checks…

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Applicants from disadvantaged groups overlooked by employers

22 Dec 2010

Three quarters of employers haven’t hired from disadvantaged groups, such as young people without qualifications, ex-offenders or older workers, in…

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Governnment urged to overhaul ex-offenders legislation

13 Sep 2010

The Government has been urged to overhaul the “outdated” Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, cutting the time before offences become spent…

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Criminal vetting of employees must be simpler and more cost effective

14 Jul 2010

The new coalition government should take a more efficient, common-sense approach to criminal vetting of staff and only require it…

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Vetting and barring scheme registration on hold for ‘fundamental remodelling’

15 Jun 2010

Registration under the vetting and barring scheme for those working with vulnerable people has been put on hold while the…

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Worker sentenced to 150 hours’ community service for witholding previous convictions

5 Mar 2010

A former GP practice manager has been sentenced to 150 hours’ community service after failing to disclose her previous convictions…

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NHS HR manager who lied on CV ordered to pay £9,600 in costs

21 Dec 2009

A senior NHS HR manager who lied on her CV has been given a six-month suspended prison sentence and ordered…

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Criminal convictions ruling means employers can access more information on potential staff

21 Oct 2009

Employers are now entitled to access more information regarding the previous convictions of potential employees, following a ruling by the…

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