Discontinuous shared parental leave

Shared parental leave and pay – equalising opportunities?

With reports citing that only 1% of those eligible took a period of shared parental leave in 2018 it is...

Shared parental leave: removing financial barriers could encourage uptake

9 Aug 2018

UCL research suggests that shared parental leave is failing, with financial implications and strict eligibility creating barriers...

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Maternity, paternity and shared (grand)parental leave webinar

2 Sep 2016

ON DEMAND |What do employers need to consider when an employee or an employee's partner has a baby? Parental rights in recent years have been broadened to include the mother’s ...

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Shared parental leave: enhanced pay is key to take-up

1 Jun 2016

Employers that enhance shared parental pay are twice as likely to receive shared parental leave requests as those who offer...

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Could Netflix-style unlimited parental leave work for employers?

12 Aug 2015

Streaming media giant Netflix has announced that it will offer new parents unlimited paid leave for a year. But employers...

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Shared parental leave research - Photo: Caiaimage/REX

Shared parental leave: how does your organisation compare?

23 Feb 2015

Is your organisation fully prepared for shared parental leave? XpertHR is conducting a short benchmarking survey on how employers plan...

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Is your HR software system ready for the demands of employees taking shared parental leave?

Shared parental leave: what are the technology implications?

16 Feb 2015

The legal aspects of the new rights to shared parental leave have been scrutinised at length, but how can HR...

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Can you stop employees taking discontinuous shared parental leave?

Chopping and changing: discontinuous shared parental leave demystified

17 Nov 2014

Confusion remains as to how employers should tackle the prospect of parents stopping and starting their shared parental leave. Can...

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Fathers – and mothers – will be able to take discontinuous shared parental leave from 2015.

Discontinuous shared parental leave: your questions answered

27 Oct 2014

Shared parental leave does not have to be taken in one consecutive block; employees can stop and start their leave....

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Acas launches shared parental leave guidance - Jo Swinson, business minister

Acas launches new guide to shared parental leave

14 Oct 2014

The conciliation service Acas has today published a new guide to shared parental leave (SPL).
It aims to help employers...

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Fathers have new rights to antenatal appointments from today. Photo: REX/Monkey Business Images

Top 10 HR questions in September 2014: Antenatal appointments and shared parental leave

1 Oct 2014

A new right for fathers and partners to take time off to attend antenatal appointments came in on 1 October...

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Shared parental leave: the basics

13 Aug 2014

Shared parental leave comes in early next year, introducing some significant changes to the existing regime of family-friendly leave. The...

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Shared Parental Leave webinar

Shared parental leave webinar: Preparing your organisation for the new right

15 Jul 2014

ON DEMAND | Audrey Williams and Camilla Palmer join Rob Moss to discuss how the shared parental leave rules will work.

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