HR teams go all out to help relief effort

11 Jan 2005

Boxing Day's tsunami in South East Asia called aid agencies across the world into action. Daniel Thomas spoke to HR directors at two major charities to find out how they are addressing the challenges

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Human tragedy puts it all in perspective

11 Jan 2005

HR's role in supporting the Asian tsunami relief effort

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Dishonesty widespread in London businesses

20 Dec 2004

Survey reveals substantial admissions that staff are aware of dishonesty at work

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Google is coolest company

22 Nov 2004

Google, the internet search engine, has been named the ‘World’s Coolest Company’ by the Unshrink network of international business leaders....

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Engagement policies boost pre-tax profits at Nationwide

2 Nov 2004

Nationwide’s employee engagement policies played a key role in boosting pre-tax profits by 21 per cent last year, according to...

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14 Sep 2004

week’s letters
Is time running out for the Working Time
employers must be vigilant about the European...

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Employment policies for staff ethics on increase

7 Sep 2004

The use of employment policies on the ethical treatment of staff is on the increase, according to an IRS survey....

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Share and share alike?

24 Aug 2004

With new laws on information and consultation due from next April, employers are still confused about how much sensitive information they should divulge to staff representatives.

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Facing NHS problems head-on

10 Aug 2004

Andrew Foster, HR director at the NHS, talks to Mike Berry about managing vast numbers in the world's third largest workforce

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When is enough, enough?

15 Jun 2004

With customers becoming more abusive towards front-line staff, organisations need to know where to draw the line between what employees should and should not have to put up with.

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How to make work more meaningful

8 Jun 2004

There is more demand for greater 'meaning' at work. Linda Holbeche highlights key findings from a new study, and looks at how HR can help employers to build better relationships with their employees

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Mental block on values

11 May 2004

Companies' desire to control employee behaviour has been wrapped in corporate jargon. But what happens to the misfits?

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The world in their hands

4 May 2004

What challenges do global HR professionalsface in theirday-to-day roles? Meet two women and two men who head up their organisations’...

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What about the quality?

27 Apr 2004

In the alleged new era of high employment, perhaps it’s time to think about the quality rather than the quantity...

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BT tests out online business ethics advice scheme

20 Apr 2004

BT is piloting an online training system to help staff handle ethical
dilemmas and improve business transparency.
Starting from May...

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