People analytics

HR’s use of people analytics, where employers gather and scrutinise key data about the workforce, is increasing along with the adoption of improved HR technology.

Information commonly monitored and benchmarked by employers covers aspects of HR such as talent management, retention rates and absence rates.

People data should still be part of year-end results

6 Dec 2005

The HR community says it is sorely disappointed with the government's decision to scrap the Operating and Financial Review (OFR) regulations, fearing the move could relegate people issues to the bottom of the boardroom agenda

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‘Friendly data’ is key to successful change projects

24 May 2005

Organisations must capture the 'friendly data' - information that will help them achieve their business aim - during change projects, according to a leading expert

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Taskforce members ignore own advice on people data

12 Apr 2005

Some of the companies involved in the Accounting for People (AfP) taskforce have been criticised for failing to provide anything more than basic staff data in their annual reports

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