Psychometric & personality testing

Psychometric tests are used for activities such as recruitment and selection, training and development, career guidance and team building.

Employers commonly use two forms of psychometric tests: firstly, those designed to measure maximum performance, such as ability, aptitude or attainment; and secondly those designed to assess personal qualities such as personality, temperament, values and interests.

Psychometric testing helps jeweller uncover management gems

12 Aug 2005

A jeweller is focusing on its people by using psychometric testing to identify its ideal managers.

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Online testing to speed up EU candidate choice

26 Jul 2005

The European Personnel Selection Office (Epso), the body responsible for the recruitment of EU officials, is introducing computer-based testing to cope with the large number of candidates who want to join the organisation

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Runaway: am I in the right job?

14 Jun 2005

In the interests of leading from the front, Personnel Today sent journalist Anna Burges-Lumsden to be psychometrically tested and offer you the potential recruit’s perspective on the ever-more popular recruitment tool.

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Subjectivity has no place in recruitment

17 May 2005

Did Alan Sugar rely too heavily on his own gut feeling in selecting a winner for the television series The...

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Online software sorts NHS leadership applicants

11 May 2005

The NHS is using an online psychometric tool to reduce the administrative burden and costs of sifting applications for its Gateway to Leadership scheme

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CBI slams TV programme for giving business a bad name

5 May 2005

Sir Digby Jones has criticised The Apprentice for showing business in a bad light.

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Put potential staff to the test

22 Feb 2005

How do you know if online psychometric testing is the right assessment method for your organisation? Liz Hall investigates

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British Psychological Society critical of ‘unsophisticated’ doctor recruitment

13 Jan 2005

Traditional interview processes currently used by health authorities to recruit doctors are unsophisticated and lack scientific rigour, according to new...

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Justifying HR’s existence

19 Oct 2004

US HR heavyweight and chairman and chief executive of Development Dimensions International, Bill Byham, explains why training methods must evolve with HR as it transforms itself to justify its existence.

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What a wonder

12 Oct 2004

The creator of Wonder Woman also provided us with one of the most ubiquitous personality tests, Scott Beagrie reports

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With psychometric testing you can…

8 Jun 2004

Achieve at least 10 top business benefits.

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Testing the patience of a saint

2 Mar 2004

The production of numerous codes of conduct have not reduced the risk of employers misusing the personality test

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