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Key tips for avoiding errors when drafting restrictive covenants

Restrictive covenants are one of the key weapons in the fight against unlawful competition by former employees. Drafting enforceable restrictions...

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Shared parental leave: Darren Newman looks at the basics

29 Aug 2014

Consultant editor Darren Newman provides an overview of the new right to shared parental leave and suggests that, while the...

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University of Manchester

Tribunal watch: University of Manchester unfairly dismissed former Big Brother psychologist

29 Aug 2014

An employment tribunal has ruled that a former Big Brother professor was unfairly dismissed for a first offence after he...

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Cable calls for help to identify zero hours exclusivity loopholes

26 Aug 2014

Vince Cable has called on employers and employees to identify potential loopholes in plans to ban exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts...

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Who will be eligible for shared parental leave? Your questions answered

20 Aug 2014

The rules on who will be eligible to take shared parental leave are complex, as are the rules on the...

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Grandparental leave: the next big thing?

19 Aug 2014

Family-friendly rights have been in the news of late, with the right to request flexible working extended in June 2014,...

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Tribunal watch: Were “religiously orientated” swear words spoken in a Christian’s presence harassment?

18 Aug 2014

Was a Christian employee harassed by overhearing expletives that included the words “Jesus Christ” and “God” in a workplace? That...

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Shared parental leave: the basics

13 Aug 2014

Shared parental leave comes in early next year, introducing some significant changes to the existing regime of family-friendly leave. The...

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Tribunal watch: Former BBC technology chief unfairly dismissed over failed £100m project

11 Aug 2014

An employment tribunal has found that former BBC employee John Linwood, who claimed that ...

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Illegal employee’s racial harassment claim allowed by Supreme Court

8 Aug 2014

An employee's illegal status does not preclude them from making a discrimination claim, according to a ruling by the Supreme Court last week.

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Inside the European Court of Justice, Luxembourg. REX/Geoff Pugh

Civil service pay scheme linked to age was discriminatory, finds ECJ

7 Aug 2014

The ECJ has held that a pay scheme for civil servants that referenced their age on recruitment was in breach of EU discrimination law.

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Enhanced shared parental pay could drive up the number of fathers taking leave. REX/Burger/Phanie

Most employers that offer enhanced maternity pay will also offer enhanced shared parental pay

6 Aug 2014

Most organisations that offer their staff...

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Shared parental leave will applies for parents of babies due or after 5 April 2015. REX/WestEnd61

Top 10 HR questions in July 2014: Shared parental leave and flexible working

4 Aug 2014

Employers were getting to grips with various changes to family-friendly workplace rights last month.

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Tribunal watch: £64,000 for Bromley Council staff paid to sign away collective agreement terms

4 Aug 2014

An employment tribunal has ordered the London Borough of Bromley to pay more than £64,000 to 18 employees offered cash...

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Employment tribunal fees “severely limit” workers’ access to justice

29 Jul 2014

The introduction of employment tribunal fees has “severely limited access to justice for workers”, with worrying consequences for the future...

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