Part time working

A part-time worker is a person who works fewer hours than the number of hours that full-time workers in the organisation are contracted to work. It often happens that an employee returning from maternity leave will ask her employer for a move from full-time working to part-time working to fit her working life around caring for her child.

Common part-time working arrangements include: working fewer days per week than full-time workers, for example three days per week; working fewer hours per day than full-time workers, for example four hours per day; and job-sharing, which is where two or more workers share one role.

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Tory manifesto: National retraining, NI holidays and more gap reporting

Theresa May launched the Conservative Party’s 2017 election manifesto today, and for HR and employers there are no big surprises....

Fathers are more likely to face obstacles  in achieving a work-life balanceMito Images/REX/Shutterstock

Dads face negative bias in quest for work-life balance

22 Feb 2017

Fathers face a negative bias when seeking a better work-life balance or applying for part-time employment, a new study suggests....

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Government failing to act on gender pay gap recommendations

21 Feb 2017

The Government will fail to achieve its goal of eliminating the gender pay gap within a generation unless it tackles...

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Employers more willing to consider job shares at senior level

30 Jan 2017

More than two-fifths of employers would now be willing to consider a job share for a senior role, research by...

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Why integrated talent management is the future of HR

11 Nov 2016

By embracing an integrated talent model, HR can truly justify its seat in the boardroom, argues Michel Stokvis from Randstad...

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Freshers arriving  at university. Photo: Brian Harris/REX/Shutterstock

Employing students: six tips for the new term

26 Sep 2016

In university towns and cities around the country, students are settling in for the start of the academic year. As...

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The Tetbury woolsack race, held every year on the spring bank holiday Monday. REX/Shutterstock

Top 10 HR questions May 2016: Pro rata bank holidays

1 Jun 2016

With two bank holidays falling on Mondays in May, it is perhaps unsurprising that a question on pro rata bank holiday entitlement was the most popular on XpertHR in May.

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Unite members protest against zero hours contracts at Sports Direct. Photo: Matthew Taylor/REX Shutterstock

Zero hours contracts guidance for employers published

19 Oct 2015

The Government has published guidance for employers on the use of zero hours contracts detailing their appropriate – and inappropriate...

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Matchmaking mothers with part-time work

27 Apr 2015

Hundreds of employers need people to cover short-term projects, while many mothers with matching skills would like flexible, part-time work....

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Atypical workers in France

Atypical workers in France: how do French and British laws differ?

11 Mar 2015

Millions of workers are employed under temporary or part-time contracts in France and in the UK; however, the French laws...

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Top 10 HR questions in December 2014

Top 10 HR questions in December 2014: Reasonable adjustments and bank holidays

2 Jan 2015

How far do employers have to go when making reasonable adjustments...

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Zero hours contracts - "unfairly

Sports Direct’s zero-hours contracts face legal challenge

7 Aug 2013

Sports Direct’s use of zero-hours contracts faces a legal challenge after one of its employees filed a claim in the...

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Extending flexible working rights could lead to more disputes

15 Nov 2012

Proposals to extend flexible working rights to all workers could prove more trouble than they are worth for employers and...

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Positive employment outlook set to remain for rest of 2012

12 Nov 2012

Positive employment outlook set to remain for rest of 2012 The employment outlook for the rest of the year is set to remain positive, according to...

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Weekly dilemma: Part-time employees and job-shares

24 Nov 2011

I employ two members of staff on a job-share basis; both work two-and-a-half days per week. Unfortunately, one is leaving...

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