Employee communications

The way in which employers communicate with their workforce is an important part of employee relations. Employers should be aware of the importance of communicating with staff during periods of change in the workplace, particularly where the change is brought on by difficult economic circumstances, which may lead to new or amended job duties, organisational restructuring and redundancies.

HR unprepared to support mergers and acquisitions

8 Aug 2005

One in five HR functions would not be ready to provide support if their business became involved in a merger or acquisition, according to research.

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Psychology qualification will improve change management

2 Aug 2005

The CIPD is to introduce a certificate in the psychology of management

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Employers urged to adopt sensitive approach after terror attacks

22 Jul 2005

Lawyers have warned employers to tread carefully when dealing with staff discipline in the wake of the London terror attacks.

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Car-sharing drive cuts the cost of commuting

12 Jul 2005

More than 1,000 employees in Surrey have signed up to an innovative car-sharing scheme being run by the council.Staff in...

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Marine officers union wins historic ruling over recognition at Hoverspeed

7 Jul 2005

Hoverspeed is all at sea after a ruling that it must recognise the Numast union for marine officers.

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The Ketchup song: the law on e-mail monitoring

28 Jun 2005

A blob of ketchup followed by an exchange of e-mails has provided a host of problems for one City law firm. James Elwes looks at what the law says about employers clamping down on e-mail abuse.

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Letters: Bright ideas left in the dark as employers fail to see the light

21 Jun 2005

It seems crazy that so many employers fail to seek new ideas from their employees (Personnel Today, 14 June).Effective employee...

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A third of workers ‘never consulted’ on major corporate changes

26 Apr 2005

One in three UK workers claim they are never consulted when major change occurs in their organisation, according to research

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Directors want to stay off the register

12 Apr 2005

The number of company directors seeking special government protection from kidnappers and extremists has doubled in the past year

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Measuring employee motivation

12 Apr 2005

According to recent research only 36% of senior executives thought their employees cared about whether or not their business was successful

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Information and Consultation Directive will have no effect, says CBI chief

6 Apr 2005

New rules on informing and consulting employees about major business decisions will have little impact, because most companies are already involving workers, according to the CBI chief.

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Body language for successful HR

5 Apr 2005

Even people, like the Prince of Wales, who are trained to deal with difficult situations can display the wrong body language when under pressure and ruin the message they hope to convey. Anna Burges-Lumsden reports on the importance of non-verbal cues.

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Lack of staff buy-in hinders public sector IT projects

31 Mar 2005

A report from the Work Foundation has found that lack of staff buy-in to public sector IT projects has a significant effect on their success or failure.

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Employees in dark over consultation rights

23 Mar 2005

Almost three-quarters (74%) of employees are not aware of new rights to be consulted on major employment issues in the...

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Keeping in touch is not always a good idea

22 Mar 2005

You could see his dilemma: employees available 24-hours a-day versus the potential cost of 'BlackBerry thumb'

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