Enhanced pay

Top 10 HR questions in January 2015: Fit for Work

3 Feb 2015

Parts of the Fit for Work service, the government-funded occupational health advice service, are now in operation, with the rest...

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Statutory shared parental pay is set at the same rate as statutory maternity pay

Statutory shared parental pay rate announced

5 Dec 2014

The Government has published details of the rate at which statutory shared parental pay will be paid from April 2015,...

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Shared parental leave

Shared parental leave and pay: how much will it cost?

21 Oct 2014

Employers reviewing policies in the run-up to the introduction of shared parental leave and pay must make a key decision...

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shared parental leave civil service nick clegg

Civil service fathers to receive same parental leave and pay as mothers

20 Oct 2014

Fathers working in the civil service who want to share parental leave will be entitled to the same benefits and...

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Ford justifies generous maternity pay while offering only statutory paternity pay

3 Sep 2014

Ford has successfully defended its policy of paying...

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Enhanced shared parental pay could drive up the number of fathers taking leave. REX/Burger/Phanie

Most employers that offer enhanced maternity pay will also offer enhanced shared parental pay

6 Aug 2014

Most organisations that offer their staff...

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Will shared parental leave oblige firms to offer enhanced paternity pay?

13 May 2014

A new system of statutory parental rights will be introduced next year, which will inevitably place additional administrative burdens on...

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Legal opinion: EU proposals to extend maternity pay

18 Nov 2010

Never mind the recession or the damage to the planet; according to the European Parliament it’s all about the falling...

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