Fit for Work

Fit for Work is a Government-funded service providing occupational health assessments on referral from the employee's GP or employer, where an employee is absent from work for at least four weeks. It also provides advice for employers, employees and GPs on matters relating to health and work.

What is occupational health?

What is occupational health? A guide for HR and line managers

This article is part of a series by Dr John Cooper on what is occupational health. It is intended as...

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Short-term sickness absence policy: a 15-step guide for HR

3 May 2017

Putting together a short-term sickness absence policy can be one of the most daunting tasks an HR professional can face....

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Long-term sickness absence policy: a 16-step guide for HR

3 May 2017

A watertight long-term sickness absence policy can give employees who are off work for an extended period the best chance...

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How the “codeine holiday” could affect your workplace

4 Jan 2017

PROMOTED | Did you know that a trend has been gradually developing among some employees of firms which have implemented...

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Fit notes and sickness absence

Fit notes: occupational health practitioners respond to government proposals for reform

1 Dec 2016

The Government has announced a major review of statutory sick pay, fit notes and the role employers can play in...

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“Broken” fit note and fit for work scheme face overhaul

1 Nov 2016

The Government has announced plans to overhaul the GP fit note and statutory sick pay, as well as reform the...

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How happy and healthy are your staff?

20 Jul 2016

PROMOTED | A major study by leading economists at the University of Warwick revealed that...

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fitness for work

Assessing fitness to work for a management referral

27 May 2016

In the first of two articles on assessing an employee’s fitness to work as part of a management referral, Anne ...

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The Fit for Work service advises on overcoming obstacles to a return to work from conditions such as musculoskeletal disorders

Fit for Work service: frequently asked questions

16 Feb 2016

A series of roadshows have been held recently to explain how to use the Government’s new Fit for Work service....

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Many GPs feel that they do not have sufficient time or skill to complete fit notes – particularly the “may be fit” option

The fit note is five years old – is it ready to leave the nursery?

23 Jan 2016

Independent research published by the University of Nottingham in 2015 shows that the fit note is misunderstood by employers and ...

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Use of the advice line has increased since the service went live across the country and GPs have been able to refer patients

Fit for Work service: raising employer awareness

18 Jan 2016

The national Fit for Work service has been fully operational since September 2015, but awareness of the service among employers...

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Employment law changes October 2015: a six-point checklist

30 Sep 2015

Every October brings new employment law changes, and 2015 is certainly no different. While the Government’s proposals to toughen the...

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Fit for Work opens for employers

8 Sep 2015

Employers in England and Wales are able, from today, to refer employees to Fit for Work, the government service set...

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Top 10 HR questions

Top 10 HR questions in May 2015: Employee driving licence checks

4 Jun 2015

A new service from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), to be launched on 8 June 2015, has meant...

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HR questions in february were dominated by issues around e-cigarettes

Top 10 HR questions in February 2015: E-cigarettes

3 Mar 2015

E-cigarettes and smoking policies were on employers’ minds last month, with the first tribunal decision involving disciplinary action for using...

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