Religious discrimination legislation has been in place in the UK since 2003, although individuals of religious denominations that are associated with one particular race have been bringing race discrimination claims much earlier than 2003. “Religion or belief” is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010.

Religious discrimination laws cover direct and indirect religious discrimination, and harassment and victimisation because of someone’s religion.

Any religion is protected under UK equal opportunities laws. This means that, while the majority of claims will be brought by Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and Jews, it is possible for an employer to face a workplace discrimination from followers of other religions such as Pagans, Spiritualists or Wiccans (Holland v Angel Supermarket Ltd and another). A lack of religion is also covered.

Ramadan in the workplace: top tips for employers

Ashok Kanani provides a four-point checklist for employers on how to support employees observing religious festivals.

Muslim nuclear engineer wins religious discrimination claim

7 Apr 2021

A Muslim engineer has been awarded £3,500 after his colleagues falsely accused him of having extremist Islamic views.

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UK workplaces are not institutionally racist, commission claims

31 Mar 2021

UK organisations are not institutionally racist and diversity has increased in key professions, according to a government-commissioned review.

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Religious dress: Modest fashion in women’s working life

12 Feb 2021

What do you need in your wardrobe if your work takes you to the Middle East? Should HR help employees...

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Diversity & Inclusion: Sign up to our free e-newsletter now

23 Jan 2021

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Ethical dilemma: Can employers insist on Covid-19 vaccinations?

2 Dec 2020

As the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine receives approval from the UK medicines regulator, to what degree can employers insist that staff...

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Workplaces ‘vital’ to ethnic and faith cohesion

16 Nov 2020

Workers could end up in ‘isolated silos’ and there could be an increase in racism and prejudice with prolonged working...

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Christian loses discrimination claim in LGBT teaching case

7 Oct 2020

A Christian school assistant who took her former employer to tribunal over claims she was sacked because of her religious...

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Black trainee vicar rejected after being told parish is ‘monochrome white’

17 Jun 2020

A black trainee vicar has been rejected for a job after church bosses said he “might feel uncomfortable” in a...

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Why diversity and inclusion is critical to business recovery

11 Jun 2020

Diversity and inclusion could form a cornerstone of businesses' recovery after the coronavirus pandemic, the CIPD's Festival of Work heard.

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Christian doctor ‘chose’ to leave his job over trans pronoun row

12 Jul 2019

Dr David Mackereth, the Christian doctor who claims he was dismissed for refusing to use transgender pronouns, chose to leave...

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Christian doctor sacked for not using preferred pronouns

10 Jul 2019

A doctor has claimed he was dismissed because his Christian beliefs prohibited him from addressing transgender benefit claimants by their...

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Top 10 HR questions May 2019: Ramadan, redundancy and references

5 Jun 2019

Many employers will have staff who have been fasting over the last month, as they observe Ramadan.
The most popular...

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Proselytising Christian nurse loses second appeal against dismissal

14 May 2019

A nurse in Kent dismissed for “preaching” to patients has lost a second appeal against an employment tribunal ruling that...

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Christmas in the workplace: 10 common employer queries

5 Dec 2018

During the Christmas period employers face a minefield of HR challenges. How well prepared is your organisation for the festive...

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