Confidentiality at work is a key topic for HR professionals. From the perspective of the HR department and keeping employees’ personal information confidential, but also creating a workplace environment where all staff understand what information needs to be treated in confidence.

Other topics that you might mind useful on Personnel Today include data protection and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Primark faces £47k bill for ‘shocking’ transgender discrimination

An employment tribunal has told Primark to adopt a policy on how to deal with transgender staff after it found...

Presidents Club scandal: Is there any value in non-disclosure agreements?

9 Feb 2018

Reports of sexual harassment at the recent Presidents Club charity dinner form part of a worrying trend of unwanted behaviour...

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Dyson case: What employers need to know about fiduciary duties

20 Dec 2017

Electrical company Dyson recently announced it would sue its former chief executive, Max Conze, for “breaching his fiduciary duties” and...

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How to deal with the risks of departing employees with a grudge

19 Dec 2017

Employees who are leaving under a cloud can cause problems, demonstrated recently when a Twitter employee hid President Trump’s account...

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Springboard injunctions: Case law shows mixed success

21 Sep 2017

Employers often use interim or “springboard” injunctions to protect confidential information after employees decide to leave. But they are not...

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Trans employees need better support at work, says Acas

25 Aug 2017

Managers are failing to support trans employees as much as they could in the workplace, a study by Acas has...

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WhatsApp and confidential data: where to draw the line with social media

18 May 2017

An investment bank employee has been investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) after sharing confidential client information over WhatsApp....

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Monitoring employee communications: WhatsApp case raises concerns

19 Apr 2017

A recent legal case involving messaging service WhatsApp raises issues about monitoring employee communications. Nick Le Riche, a partner at...

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Pillow talk? Protecting confidential information at work

10 Jun 2016

What are an employer’s options for protecting confidential information in the workplace if an employee has a personal relationship with...

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National Bullying Helpline inquiry launched after confidentiality complaints

26 Feb 2010

An inquiry into the actions of the National Bullying Helpline has been launched by the Charity Commission following the receipt...

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Helpline confidentiality row continues as HR urged to reassure staff of safe reporting environments

25 Feb 2010

Employers must reassure staff that any helplines or employee assistance programmes (EAPs) set up will remain 100% confidential in light...

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Bullying row sparks calls for national register of helplines to ensure confidentiality

24 Feb 2010

The first patron to quit an anti-bullying charity this week, after its founder breached confidentiality during the Number 10 bullying...

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Bullying helpline founder refuses to admit No.10 confidentiality breach

23 Feb 2010

The National Bullying Helpline’s decision to disclose bullying allegations made by Downing Street staff drew further controversy last night when...

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Trainee doctors using Twitter breaching patient confidentiality

24 Sep 2009

Medics posting messages on networking websites like Facebook and Twitter are breaching patient confidentiality, the BBC has reported. Trainee doctors...

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Damian Green case is stark reminder to tighten confidentiality policies

3 Dec 2008

The Damian Green fiasco serves as a stark reminder to employers to tighten up their confidentiality and whistleblowing policies, legal...

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