Employee references

Most employers request references on a prospective employee to verify, for example, information about his or her employment history. Any job offer should be made conditional on satisfactory references.

Employers may receive a request from another employer for a reference on an employee or former employee to a prospective employer.

Thousands could be using fake degrees to apply for jobs

Thousands of workers and jobseekers could potentially be misleading employers about their qualifications after buying fake degree certificates online.


Background screening: Eight key checks employers must make

7 Nov 2017

Increased compliance means rising numbers of employers are performing numerous background checks on employees. Steve Smith...

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Senior Managers Regime: New rules on references from 7 March

1 Mar 2017

New rules regarding references in the financial services industry come into force on 7 March as part of the Senior...

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Reference requests: eight things every employer should know

31 Aug 2016

It is common practice for employers to provide references for employees and ex-employees, but there are risks involved. Sarah Anderson...

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References in the banking sector: what HR needs to know

20 May 2016

Employers in the banking sector must comply with tough new requirements as part of major regulatory reform. What impact will...

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High Court: criminal record checks are “arbitrary” and unlawful

25 Jan 2016

The High Court has declared that the Government’s criminal record disclosure scheme is incompatible with the Human Rights Act.


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Are employee references worth the paper they are written on?

11 Feb 2015

Sarah Rushton looks at the problems associated with providing employee references and questions what value they have when employees change...

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Employer not negligent for bringing disciplinary proceedings. Photo: REX/David Pearson

Coventry University not negligent for bringing disciplinary proceedings

5 Dec 2014

In DLA Piper’s latest case report, a Court of Appeal decision highlights the need for employers to invest time and...

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Candidates sue LinkedIn over lost job opportunities

Candidates sue LinkedIn over lost job opportunities

10 Nov 2014

LinkedIn is facing a class action lawsuit in California over its premium “reference search” function that allows employers to identify...

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Human resources professionals need to balance risk and trust in assessing fraud liability as former Bexley council accountant is jailed for stealing £220,000

10 Jul 2007

The role of HR in managing employee fraud is again under the spotlight following the jailing for two-and-a-half years of...

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Lies on CVs: the law is on the employer’s side if you are dishonest on your CVs

10 Jul 2007

Lies, lies and more damned CV lies: CV mendacity has reached epidemic proportions, but the law now rests with employers.The...

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Bogus CVs contain an average of three lies

8 Aug 2005

A quarter of CVs submitted for financial sector jobs contained incorrect or false information, suggesting an intention to deceive

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Security staff must prove skills

1 Mar 2005

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) has introduced the licensing of guards and the accreditation of security service suppliers. The ethos...

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Background checks: protecting the innocent

3 Feb 2005

Last month’s jailing of unqualified gynaecologist Dr Henry Akpata and the forced resignation of NHS Trust chief executive Neil Taylor...

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Protecting who?

1 Mar 2004

In the wake of Ian Huntley’s murder convictions for the deaths of two young girls, what are employers’ legal options...

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