Employer branding

Employer branding is about ensuring that an organisation’s people brand matches its marketing brand. This means the messages that the business gives out are reflected by the actions of all its employees.

To achieve that, employers have to consider all aspects of the business to ensure consistency in messages, behaviour and values.

Winning awards offers the opportunity to boost your employer brand

29 Nov 2005

In the hours following our success in the Personnel Today Awards in 2004 (Overall winner and Northgate HR Award for...

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New blood takes six months to put in place

22 Sep 2005

More than one-third of UK employers lack the applicants they need for their positions, according to research by Investors in People (IIP).

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Sainsbury’s Try-Something campaign means training for all staff

19 Sep 2005

Sainsbury's has launched an intensive training programme for all staff.

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Baker cooks up a plan to develop low cost housing

7 Sep 2005

Are your staff struggling to get on the property ladder? And is this causing you recruitment and retention problems? Why...

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Charlton reviews

6 Sep 2005

Writer and trainer John Charlton finds out whether personal branding can help us achieve our objectives

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Talking shop

6 Sep 2005

From call centres to the boardroom, there has never been a greater emphasis on speaking well and speaking up. We look at the options for honing this vital skill

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A present to the future by encapsulating the past

9 Aug 2005

For once I feel the hand of history on my shoulder: I will chair the time capsule sub-committee.It’s the MD’s...

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Brand has significant effect on employee performance

27 Jul 2005

The strength of an organisation's brand has a significant impact on the performance of its employees, according to research.

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Don’t underestimate HR role in communicating branding

31 May 2005

The results of your employer branding survey (Personnel Today, 17 May) demonstrate that there is a gap between strategy and...

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Employer branding is key in fight for talent

17 May 2005

A survey by Personnel Today reveals that HR believes branding is vital if an organisation is to recruit the best candidates

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Another brick in the wall: what are companies spending on training?

10 May 2005

Training budgets are set to increase as employers struggle to ensure that employees have the skills they need to do their jobs - and that managers can get the best out of them, according to research out today.

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Where HR is a hot property

4 May 2005

Building brand awareness keeps staff motivated at mobile operation 3. The HR chief tells Daniel Thomas how it all works

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Should your board reflect the diversity of your customers?

19 Apr 2005

The news that advertising and media company WPP has appointed a Saudi businesswoman as a non-executive director to its board underlines a trend towards companies diversifying the make-up of their leadership. Ross Bentley reports

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Fast track for high achievers

15 Mar 2005

Legal recruitment company Pareto Law clearly knows how to get the best out of its staff, but where do bush-tucker trials come in?

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Fit for purpose

1 Feb 2005

The HR director at the Holmes Place health club empire is a firm believer that its people drive the brand and the company's success. Ross Wigham reports

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