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Dispensing with the disposable

10 Aug 2004

Long-term relationships at work are back in vogue as employers tire of the disposable workforce. Or so the facts suggest

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Slavish desire to work on

13 Jul 2004

The workers' freedom to work is more than just an employers' con trick - it's about flexibility and the right to choose

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Believing in the workers

22 Jun 2004

The Archbishop of Canterbury believes portfolio working is no kind of job for a person of integrity. He's right - up to a point

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HR treads a hazardous path

8 Jun 2004

The quango responsible for health and safety has to have different preoccupations in today's workplace

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All counting for nothing

25 May 2004

Where has the Government's brief flirtation with human capital management led us? And what's happened to its report?

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Mental block on values

11 May 2004

Companies' desire to control employee behaviour has been wrapped in corporate jargon. But what happens to the misfits?

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What about the quality?

27 Apr 2004

In the alleged new era of high employment, perhaps it’s time to think about the quality rather than the quantity...

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US union busters land in UK

13 Apr 2004

The shadow of European interference still dominates in the media despite the recent appearance of US 'union busters'

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Painting over the cracks

30 Mar 2004

Diversity and equality are not the same thing. HR would be wise to remember that. Equality is the one that counts

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Barking up the wrong tree

16 Mar 2004

HR is right to believe cynicism is a major threat to working life, but remember: cynics have never been a barrel of laughs

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Testing the patience of a saint

2 Mar 2004

The production of numerous codes of conduct have not reduced the risk of employers misusing the personality test

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Time to thin down fat cat pay

17 Feb 2004

HR is complicit in the great fat cat pay heist. It is time it gave some thought to improving the link betweenperformance and reward

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Taking CSR to the cleaners

3 Feb 2004

Corporate social responsibility will never make up for the inadequacy of the minimum wage in the capital

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Campaign for leisure

20 Jan 2004

As work continues to dominate all aspects of our lives, the true value of leisure is only a distant memory

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The year of the self-employed

6 Jan 2004

Is the workplace revolution and the rise of the temp at last about to take place after the lost years of the 1990s?

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