Flexible working

All employees with 26 weeks' service have the right to request a change to their hours, timing or location of work. Flexible working can improve productivity but it brings with it various issues for employers. Here we highlight our latest flexible working content, including guidance on how to handle flexible working requests, and other content on working from home, changing working hours, and the risk of discrimination claims.


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Winter weather and work: five common employer queries

With large parts of the UK having experienced heavy snowfall, we answer five common questions from employers on the workplace...


Workers feel trapped by “rigid” workplaces, ILM finds

12 Jan 2017

More than half of UK workers feel trapped by the rigid structure of their workplace, according to a survey by ...

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Should employees be entitled to "pawternity" leave to look after a new or sick pet? Design Pics Inc/REX/Shutterstock.

“Pawternity” leave? Time off work for pets and other leave of the future

1 Dec 2016

Around half of UK households own a pet, according to the RSPCA. So why is there not a specific legal...

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Employers should be aware that indirect sex discrimination claims have brought by men whose flexible working requests were rejected.

The rise of flexible working

18 Nov 2016

With flexible working requests set to increase, including from men, how should employers respond? Jane Wheeler, partner at Hine Legal,...

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Flexible working requests: common employer pitfalls

15 Nov 2016

More than a quarter of women polled in a recent survey by Workingmums had their flexible working request turned down,...

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How PR company Golin tackled the motherhood penalty

11 Nov 2016

The Institute for Fiscal Studies suggests that women earn 30% less than men by the time their children are 10...

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Agile working: not as flexible as you might think

1 Nov 2016

Agile working, whether that’s allowing employees to work remotely or being flexible about hours, has been hailed as the answer...

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Personnel Today’s recent round table highlighted just how complex flexible working can be. Photo: Aidan Gray

Recruiting with flexibility: is HR missing out on key talent?

28 Oct 2016

Many employers boast about how they welcome flexible working, but how many are open to discussing alternative hours or approaches...

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Five ways employers can support employees who are carers

19 Oct 2016

According to recent research one worker in eight is a carer, while almost one in six has had to take...

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Tribunals accept limits to flexible working after maternity leave

17 Oct 2016

In two recent unsuccessful cases, employment tribunals accepted that there is no absolute obligation on employers to accept new mothers’...

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Commuters in London endure a long commute to work with an average journey of 79 minutes, a report finds

Long commute to work linked to poor diet, stress and high blood pressure

5 Oct 2016

The average UK commuter adds almost 800 calories to their diet every week as a result of their journey to...

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High earners more likely to work flexibly, says Working Families

5 Oct 2016

High-earning parents are far more likely to work flexibly than those who earn below £40,000, research by the charity Working...

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Flexible working and indirect discrimination: a difficult balance

17 Aug 2016

Consultant editor Darren Newman considers a recent indirect sex discrimination case that highlights the problems that an employer can face...

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RSK HR director Zoe Brunswick and her family

Creating a “family feel”: supporting parents’ return to work

17 Aug 2016

Returning from maternity leave is tough. Zoe Brunswick, HR director at environmental engineering consultancy RSK and former Personnel Today Awards...

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flexible working options

Nine in 10 would choose employer that offered flexible working

28 Jul 2016

If your business does not offer flexible working options, your best employees may look to move to an employer that...

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