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RAD Awards open for entries, celebrating 25 years in recruitment communications

22 Jul 2014

Direct recruiters, recruitment agencies and HR teams that have produced outstanding recruitment campaigns...

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Philosophical belief

Tribunal watch: Worker argues frustration over wasted public money is philosophical belief

21 Jul 2014

Can a public sector worker's passionate view that his employer should not waste public money count as a "philosophical belief" under discrimination legislation?

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Youth empoyment round table

Youth employment: How can we break down barriers and create opportunities?

18 Jul 2014

We bring together seven employers for a round table discussion on young people's readiness for work...

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Network Rail

Network Rail faces huge equal pay claim

18 Jul 2014

The Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA) has launched a multi-million pound equal pay claim against Network Rail.
The union has...

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Stock photo: REX/Jeff Blackler

Severely obese staff may gain disability rights

18 Jul 2014

Morbid obesity could be considered a disability under EU law, a top European legal official stated this week. The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) stated that, while EU...

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Workplace alcohol risk assessments curb excessive drinking

18 Jul 2014

With alcohol consumption becoming an increasing problem affecting the workplace, alcohol self-assessment by employees could provide a solution, according to...

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Graduate 2014 pay

Graduate recruitment: What should you pay the class of 2014?

17 Jul 2014

What starting salary is your organisation offering to graduate recruits in 2014? As the class of 2014 joins the labour...

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Slow wage growth

Wages growth lowest since 2001

16 Jul 2014

UK unemployment has fallen to its lowest level in nearly six years, but wage increases are at their lowest since...

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Three workers

One person in three has worked in a temporary role, says REC

16 Jul 2014

More than one-third of people in the UK have held a position as a contractor, freelancer or temporary agency worker...

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Supporting people with dementia in the workplace

16 Jul 2014

Dementia is a national challenge and businesses are not immune. With an ageing population, not only will the average customer...

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Shared Parental Leave webinar

Shared parental leave webinar: Preparing your organisation for the new right

15 Jul 2014

Available on-demand. Audrey Williams and Camilla Palmer join Rob Moss to discuss how the shared parental leave rules will work.

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HR supports shared parental leave

HR backs shared parental leave plans

14 Jul 2014

HR professionals support the new right to shared parental leave due to come into force in 2015, but have concerns about how it will work in practice, according to new research.

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Teachers protesting in March 2014. Photo: REX/London News Pictures

Public-sector strikes cause disruption for parents

10 Jul 2014

Parents and their employers face disruption today as teachers join other public-sector workers in a strike over pay, pensions and...

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Big data can help HR influence business decisions

Big data: HR needs to stop reporting and start predicting

9 Jul 2014

Big data offers HR some major opportunities to increase its strategic influence within the organisation and add value to its...

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Dean Royles

Dean Royles to leave NHS Employers

7 Jul 2014

NHS Employers chief executive Dean Royles is to leave his post in September, taking up the post of executive director...

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