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World of Learning

World of Learning Conference & Exhibition 2019 Announced

PROMOTED CONTENT | Learning and Development (L&D) best practice, thought leadership ...

A best-practice buyers’ guide – Seven benefits of new HR Software for your business

26 Apr 2019

PROMOTED CONTENT | 2018 has proved to be a tumultuous year for HR professionals, with challenges...

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Don’t exclude frontline workers from your digital vision

25 Apr 2019

PROMOTED CONTENT | The frontline workers interacting directly with customers have too often been left at the back of the line ...

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Need-to-know wellbeing insights for 2019

18 Apr 2019

PROMOTED CONTENT |Health and wellbeing is a key focus for many organisations in 2019. And rightly so. According ...

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How to Exercise Efficiently From Home with Treadmills

20 Mar 2019

PROMOTED CONTENT |What is the number 1 used excuse for not exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes per day? That's right...

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Workforce Planning: A strategic approach to addressing your future workforce requirements

17 Mar 2019

PROMOTED CONTENT | In a nutshell, workforce planning is a systematic approach that ensures you have the right people with the right skills ...

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Join the world’s greatest celebration of people at work

4 Mar 2019

PROMOTED CONTENT | Taking place on 12-13 June at Olympia London, the CIPD Festival of Work is set to be the largest UK-based event serving ...

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Culture eats the stockmarket for breakfast

27 Feb 2019

PROMOTED CONTENT | Here, Nic Marks explains why companies with a good work culture are more successful - and he’s got evidence to prove it. If you’d like to learn more...

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Benchmark your employee engagement levels against other employers

14 Feb 2019

PROMOTED | With retaining, motivating and engaging staff key to business performance, employee engagement has never been more vital to the UK economy ...

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It’s time to talk about your employees’ mental health

3 Feb 2019

PROMOTED CONTENT | This year’s Time to Talk Day is all about bringing people together to talk openly about mental health, whether that’s ...

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It’s time to give learning and development the royal recognition it deserves

28 Jan 2019

PROMOTED CONTENT | It’s common knowledge that business conditions in the UK today are far from optimal. Employers are faced with economic uncertainty, widening skills gaps and lagging productivity...

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Interview: Jon Porter of PeopleScout on the future of RPO

22 Nov 2018

PeopleScout, gold sponsor of the Personnel Today Awards 2018, is the world’s largest recruitment process outsourcing provider by number of...

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Making mobility work … with Microsoft Surface

6 Nov 2018

PROMOTED | Workplaces are slowly disappearing. In their place we have workspaces. There’s a subtle but important difference. Instead of being confined within walls ...

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Five ways to retool for employee-led learning

5 Nov 2018

PROMOTED | Analysts report that organisations are shifting toward employee-led learning, but what are the implications for ...

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In the future, Millennials will inherit the earth. And the Finance department.

15 Oct 2018

PROMOTED | A new initiative by ACCA – the global accountancy body – has highlighted 10 key drivers that are set to force change upon business processes, people and services, and more...

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