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Where are the skills you’re looking for?

PROMOTED | How do you find and reach the skilled people who will make up your future workforce? How do you decide where... Find out more

Breaking down barriers to build a diverse workforce

21 Feb 2017

PROMOTED | The modern workplace is unrecognisable from 50 years ago, but that doesn’t mean we have stopped looking for... Find out more

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Don’t get left behind: transform your business with degree apprenticeships

13 Feb 2017

The government announcing its plans to invest significantly in higher apprenticeships, following the Leitch Review of Skills in 2006, may...

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ICS Learn

Tackling mental health issues in the workplace

31 Jan 2017

PROMOTED | Public attitudes toward mental health are continually improving. Research indicates that... Find out more

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Let’s talk about the future of HR

26 Jan 2017

PROMOTED SD Worx reveal themselves as the brains behind the HR robot hoax... Find out more

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Postcard from the future: A CHRO in 2021

13 Jan 2017

PROMOTED | We often talk about the future, but how often do we describe it?...

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How the “codeine holiday” could affect your workplace

4 Jan 2017

PROMOTED | Did you know that a trend has been gradually developing among some employees of firms which have implemented...

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Is this the face of the future for HR?

6 Dec 2016

PROMOTED | The face of the entire HR and Payroll sector around the world is about to undergo a dramatic change...

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Apprenticeship levy – The facts

1 Dec 2016

PROMOTED | In spring 2017 the way the government funds apprenticeships in England is changing. You may be ...

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Online learning is a smart option for HR professionals

16 Nov 2016

PROMOTED | Training your HR and L&D team doesn’t just improve their knowledge and skills; it also makes them feel...

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Embedding and sustaining learning – the holy grail of development

10 Nov 2016

PROMOTED | Karen West, a Principal Consultant at a&dc, explores the subject of continuing the learning process...

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The research says: How to digitize HR

9 Nov 2016

PROMOTED | Although growth is always a business issue, right now it is the business issue. According to the “KPMG Global CEO outlook survey” ...

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Macmillan At Work

Preparing employers to support staff affected by cancer

28 Oct 2016

PROMOTED | According to a new report by Macmillan Cancer Support, Cancer: Then and Now, earlier diagnosis and...

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Putting people at the centre of a digital world

10 Oct 2016

PROMOTED | We are living through the digital equivalent of the industrial revolution. What the exact impact of this will...

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From the Shop floor to the Boardroom – Developing the perfect tools for manufacturing success

6 Oct 2016

PROMOTED | With the increasing demand for skills in manufacturing and the significant...

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