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Bullying in the workplace:setting unrealistic targets

Bullying in the workplace does not need to be aggressive or overt to cause real distress to employees, and sticky legal situations for employers. Setting unrealistic targets can also be interpreted as bullying, warns Kate Hilpern.

How to handle the legal implications of sickness absence

10 Jan 2014

Managers need a strategy to deal with staff absent through ill health. Jenny Mason reports.
When poor health is the...

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Getting the most out of occupational health services

8 Jan 2014

An innovative online training package aims to help businesses to get the most out of their OH services by encouraging...

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Evaluating your employee wellbeing programme

6 Jan 2014

Setting up a wellbeing programme for your staff can be expensive, but to justify the cost you need to be...

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The implications of occupational health’s ageing workforce

3 Jan 2014

As many OH professionals approach retirement, Nic Paton finds that there are too few younger nurses to replace them.Is OH...

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Managing a respiratory surveillance programme

3 Jan 2014

There are many procedures involved in spirometry. OH adviser Diane Romano-Woodward covers the basics.Spirometry is the assessment of the functioning...

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A place for telephone consultations in occupational health

1 Jan 2014

Health consultations over the telephone have advantages over face-to-face meetings, but are used less frequently. OH adviser Helen Rodway examines...

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Steps to take to avoid discriminating against cancer

10 Dec 2013

Cancer sufferers get special treatment under the Equality Act 2010. Jackie Cuneen explains.Many of us have been personally affected by...

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Adapting occupational health for an ageing workforce

9 Dec 2013

An ageing workforce brings a need for OH professionals to change some of their staff management techniques. Nic Paton finds...

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Reaching the right staff with workplace health promotions

6 Dec 2013

Why do some workplace wellness programmes work while others do not? Dr Bridget Juniper analyses a survey that reveals some...

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Supporting the wellbeing of an ageing workforce

6 Dec 2013

What needs to be done to ensure a smooth transition to managing an older workforce? Dr Sheena Johnson makes some...

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The problem with presenteeism

5 Dec 2013

Defining presenteeism is just the first problem in analysing its effects on workers. Dr Nerys Williams considers various opinions and...

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How Arla Foods has cut absences with an early referral system

4 Dec 2013

Early physiotherapy treatment for musculoskeletal injuries has cut absence rates at Arla Foods. Mark Fletcher reports.Medical evidence shows that early...

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Sharing best practice with a new occupational health group

2 Dec 2013

A new group is bringing OH workers together with the aim of furthering their knowledge of workplace health. Stephen Haynes...

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Wolseley win the Talent Management 2013 award

PT Awards 2013 winners: Wolseley wins Award for Talent Management

21 Nov 2013

Plumbing distributor Wolseley won the 2013 Award for Talent Management, sponsored by a&dc, at the Personnel Today Awards on Monday....

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