Political elections

HR policy and procedure is heavily influenced by employment law and that is dictated by the Government of the day. Here we provide guidance for HR and employers relating to political elections. Manifesto promises made in general elections, European elections, mayoral  and local elections or specific referendums, can result in potential changes in employment law which HR professionals need to have in their sights.

Labour manifesto 2017: what employers need to know

17 May 2017

The Labour Party’s official manifesto has been released today and includes some of the most radical changes to employment legislation...

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Conservatives outline commitments on workers’ rights

15 May 2017

Workers will be able to take up to one year’s leave to care for an elderly relative under wide-ranging plans...

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How would scrapping the 12-month mental health requirement affect employers?

15 May 2017

Proposed changes by the Conservatives could see people with shorter-term mental health issues protected by disability discrimination laws. Yvonne Gallagher...

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CIPD manifesto urges next government to make “good work” a priority

10 May 2017

The CIPD has published a manifesto ahead of the upcoming general election that urges the next Government to put “good...

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General election 2017: five things to know about politics in the workplace

19 Apr 2017

Can employers prevent staff from political campaigning at work? Should employees be banned from displaying their political allegiance, for example...

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Labour pledges £10 minimum wage from 2020

10 Apr 2017

Jeremy Corbyn today pledges a £10 minimum wage if Labour wins the 2020 general election.
The Labour Party leader, speaking...

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General election: Conservative majority, key employment ministers lose seats

8 May 2015

Employment relations minister Jo Swinson and business secretary Vince Cable were among the high-profile losers in last night’s general election....

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Election 2015: Employment tribunal fees come under scrutiny

22 Apr 2015

A dramatic reduction in employment tribunal claims since the introduction of fees has led to calls for reform from opposition...

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National minimum wage and Living wage

Minimum wage and living wage “can co-exist”, says top economist

21 Apr 2015

The national minimum wage and living wage complement each other and both have an important role, according to Rhys Moore,...

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George Osborne announcing Shares for Rights in 2012. Photo: Bruce Adams / Daily Mail / REX

Could election spell the end for Shares for Rights?

17 Apr 2015

Chris Tutton looks at how the coalition Government’s controversial Shares for Rights scheme has been used since its introduction, and...

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The Green Party's Natalie Bennett would like to see the national minimum wage to be £10 per hour by 2020

Election 2015: where do the parties stand on the minimum wage?

17 Apr 2015

In our series of articles considering how election pledges, if realised, could impact employers, we look at how the main...

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Does an employee have a right to wear items that display their political beliefs? Photo: Ray Tang/REX

Election 2015: employees’ rights to their opinions

14 Apr 2015

With the UK’s general election looming large, Karen Baxter of UK law firm Lewis Silkin and Sal Simao of US...

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Conservatives promise paid volunteering leave for employees

10 Apr 2015

The Conservative party has announced that public-sector employers and large companies would have to allow staff three paid volunteering days’...

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Will tougher trade union laws curb strike action?

7 Apr 2015

Public-sector stoppages have prompted the Conservatives to propose reforms that they think would curb strike action. But will these reforms...

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Sports Direct has come under fire for its use of zero hours contracts. Photo: Roland Hoskins / Associated Newspapers/REX

Election 2015: Zero hours contracts debate continues

7 Apr 2015

Zero hours contracts continue to be a contentious issue in the run-up to the election, but how will the parties’...

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