Political elections

HR policy and procedure is heavily influenced by employment law and that is dictated by the Government of the day. Here we provide guidance for HR and employers relating to political elections. Manifesto promises made in general elections, European elections, mayoral  and local elections or specific referendums, can result in potential changes in employment law which HR professionals need to have in their sights.

Are employment tribunal fees restricting access to justice? Photo: Alex Segre/REX

Employers split over impact of employment tribunal fees, says CIPD

17 Mar 2015

Employers are split as to whether or not the introduction of employment tribunal fees has been a good thing, according...

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Ed Miliband plans to improve paternity leave and pay for new fathers. Photo: Ben Cawthra/REX

Labour would double paternity leave and pay

9 Feb 2015

A future Labour government would double statutory paternity leave and pay, under election plans announced today.
New fathers would have...

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Scottish referendum: what would a “yes” vote mean for employment law in Scotland?

10 Sep 2014

With not long to go until the Scottish independence referendum on 18 September, attention remains focused on currency, economics and...

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Labour government would scrap “unfair” employment tribunal system

9 Sep 2014

A Labour government would completely reform the employment tribunal system the party has announced.
Speaking at the TUC Congress in...

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Lib Dems promise six weeks’ paternity leave

1 Sep 2014

The Liberal Democrats would give fathers four weeks’ extra paternity leave under manifesto plans announced at the weekend.
Fathers are...

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