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Is this really a good time to scrap unconscious bias training?

23 Dec 2020

With a sharp increase in workplace discrimination cases the government's timing with its negative attitude over bias training is unwelcome, writes Darren Hockley.

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Number of out-of-work over-50s surges

23 Nov 2020

The number of unemployed over-50s has leapt by a third in a year – well above the increase across all age groups.

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Boardrooms now more meritocratic and diverse, study suggests

16 Nov 2020

Evidence shows that FTSE100 boardrooms are becoming more diverse and meritocratic, a study published today has claimed, with less reliance...

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Young people and ethnic minorities most likely to be laid off after furlough

28 Oct 2020

Young people and ethnic minorities were most likely to be made unemployed after coming off furlough, according to a report...

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Older BAME people more likely to earn less and be unable to retire

19 Aug 2020

There are stark differences in earnings and deeply entrenched inequalities between older BAME and white UK populations, finds a new in-depth study.

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Number of over-50s out of work almost doubles

10 Aug 2020

Support for over-50s to retrain or gain a new qualification is needed to reduce long-term unemployment, a report has said,...

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David Fairhurst: ‘Drop D&I now and face talent shortages in future’

7 May 2020

Firms that drop diversity and inclusion initiatives could risk “re-marginalising” disadvantaged workers and talent shortages

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Negative stereotypes ‘affect older employees’ perceptions about potential’

19 Mar 2020

There are “far more” negative stereotypes associated with older people in the workplace than positive ones, which are affecting how...

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Flexible state pension access will unlock older workers’ potential, says insurer

12 Feb 2020

Employees should be able to take a “phased approach” to retirement by being able to withdraw parts of their state...

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Six employment law cases that will shape 2020

14 Jan 2020

We look at six important employment law cases that will get the headlines in 2020, covering significant issues such as...

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Over-65s to account for more than half of UK employment growth

26 Dec 2019

Workers aged 65 and over are likely to account for at least half of all UK employment growth in the...

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‘Fulfilling’ jobs for older workers could benefit health and wellbeing

6 Dec 2019

Maximising working opportunities for older people and offering fulfilling work beyond retirement age could have a profound impact on health...

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89-year-old wins £200,000 in compensation for age discrimination

18 Nov 2019

An 89-year-old former medical secretary who was unfairly dismissed from her post at Royal Berkshire Hospital has won £200,000 in...

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Youngest and oldest regions of UK revealed in new research

28 Oct 2019

A new analysis takes a regional view of age and could well inform companies' recruitment and location decisions in years to come.

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