HMRC reveals only partial details of employers claiming furlough

More details of employers using the Coronavirus Job Retention scheme will be revealed next month but ministers criticised for lack of transparency.

MPs ask government to list furlough claimants

21 Dec 2020

MPs on the Public Accounts Committee are calling on the government to list companies that signed up to the furlough scheme amid concerns over high levels of fraud.

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Furlough extension: practical implications for HR

10 Nov 2020

Following the announcement that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will be in place until March 2021 and will cover 80%...

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‘Hastily’ drawn up furlough scheme left ‘unacceptable’ room for fraud

16 Oct 2020

The speed at which the furlough scheme and other economic support packages were drawn up has left them open to...

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City traders working from home must be monitored

13 Oct 2020

A City watchdog has warned financial services firms that it expects them to have updated their policies, refreshed their training...

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Two arrested in £70k furlough fraud investigation

11 Sep 2020

Two people in London have been arrested in connection with a suspected £70,000 Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme fraud.

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Up to £3.6bn in furlough payments fraudulent or erroneous

8 Sep 2020

As much as £3.6bn in furlough payments could have been claimed erroneously or fraudulently, according to HM Revenue & Customs....

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Furlough fraud soars as job retention bonus details released

5 Aug 2020

The number of reports of furlough fraud made to HM Revenue and Customs rose by more than half between the...

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The next ethical dilemma: do we pay back furlough?

21 Jul 2020

Firms like Asos, Taylor Wimpey, Ikea are repaying furlough money, while others, such as Primark and Rightmove, say they will not take up the job retention bonus. What's their motivation?

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Furlough fraud: how employers can ensure their CJRS claims are lawful

16 Jul 2020

With so many updates and tweaks to the furlough scheme, businesses need to work hard to ensure they don't fall foul of the rules.

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First furlough fraud arrests are made

9 Jul 2020

The first arrests in connection with alleged furlough fraud have been made, HM Revenue and Customs has announced.
A 57-year-old...

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How Covid-19 has added to ‘insider threat’ risks

7 Jul 2020

Fraud and data breaches are among the risks that the coronavirus emergency have heightened.

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30-day window for firms to confess furlough fraud starts next month

15 Jun 2020

Employers that think they have abused the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will have a 30-day window in which to admit their mistakes.

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Almost 1,900 reports of furlough fraud to HMRC

3 Jun 2020

The government has received almost 1,900 reports of fraudulent use of its furlough scheme, according to new figures from HMRC....

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‘Rife’ furlough fraud being revealed by whistleblowers

22 May 2020

Firms have been putting staff on furlough then asking them to work, sometimes telling them they'll be sacked if they refuse.

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