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Charles Wynn-Evans is a partner at Dechert LLP.

Sex, alleged lies and settlement agreements

19 Aug 2020

The claim launched by McDonald’s against its ex-CEO highlights the need for care in agreeing exit packages.

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Settlement agreements: Paying employees’ legal bills

13 Jan 2020

The amount that an employer should pay towards a departing employee’s legal fees for taking advice on a settlement agreement...

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TUPE: Do employers need to consider ‘workers’?

28 Nov 2019

The legal distinction between employee and worker usually focuses on rights such as leave and pay, but what happens in...

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Honesty is the best policy – lies and inferences in discrimination claims

5 Nov 2019

Where lies the burden of proof in discrimination claims in a case where...

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Ascertaining whether an employee has a disability

1 Oct 2019

Charles Wynn-Evans examines the issues arising from HR referring an employee to occupational health and the lessons to be learnt...

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Medicinal cannabis: what HR needs to know

24 Jun 2019

Although the prescription of medicinal cannabis products is not yet widespread in the UK, employers need to be aware of the legal framework concerning its use

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Redundancy when on maternity leave: a matter of communication

29 Mar 2019

HR practitioners, even some line managers, know full well that an employee at risk of redundancy when they are on...

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Dismissal for asserting a statutory right – a trap for the unwary

5 Mar 2019

Most employers wanting to part company with an employee will be aware of the most common claims that the individual...

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Nine New Year’s resolutions for HR

8 Jan 2019

You may be eating more healthily, exercising more or doing dry January, but for HR professionals returning to work, legal...

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Claim for negligent reference dismissed: what now for employers?

26 Apr 2018

Can an employee challenge an investigation that has led to an unflattering reference? A recent decision sheds more light on...

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Subject access requests: recent cases raise questions on how employers must comply

20 Mar 2017

Charles Wynn-Evans of Dechert LLP reports on some recent decisions on subject access requests, which will give employers food for...

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Defending tribunal claims: don’t forget mitigation of loss

29 Mar 2016

When defending tribunal claims, employers need to gather relevant evidence and prepare arguments about the employee’s efforts to mitigate their...

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Garden leave

Is garden leave overrated?

18 Dec 2013

Charles Wynn-Evans questions whether garden leave is all it is cracked up to be or if there are hidden pitfalls...

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Lying claimants: recovering costs

23 Sep 2009

Recent cases show that EATs want tribunals to take a stronger line on costs when parties are found to have lied. Charles Wynn-Evans considers the potential impact.

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