Leadership training

Audience engagement: what Game of Thrones can teach L&D

15 Nov 2016

Technology means audiences have never before had such power and influence. Their opinions shape the agenda in entertainment, business and...

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How skills-based volunteering can boost careers

30 Sep 2016

Many employers see volunteering as a way to boost team dynamics and give something back. Skills-based volunteering takes this one...

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Why it is crucial to create leaders at all levels

12 Sep 2016

The majority of organisations say it is crucial to have the right leadership in place for success, yet only 15%...

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Clockwise from left: Theresa May, Hillary Clinton, Arlene Foster, Angela Merkel, Leanne Wood and Nicola Sturgeon. Photos: Jonathan Hordle/Bryce Vickmark/ZUMA Wire/BPI/NIVIERE/SIPA/Tracey Paddison/REX/Shutterstock

Women in leadership and five actions for HR

15 Jul 2016

The remarkable rise of women in politics shows that it is time for a different style of leadership, says Rosie...

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Lucy Adams: HR must help to restore trust in leaders

24 Jun 2016

HR must play a role in resolving the crisis in trust in leaders, according to former BBC HR director Lucy...

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Employers must rethink digital learning to develop managers

17 Jun 2016

Digital learning may be nothing new, but companies need to rethink how they use it to develop managers’ skills and...

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Unlock leadership potential to create high-performing teams

13 Nov 2015

Chris Henderson, author of leadership book JUMP! identifies six “game-changing conversations” every leadership team should have to improve their organisation’s...

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Billy Connolly: Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cosy, doesn't try it on. Photo: REX Shutterstock

Face your fears: 15 tips for scary situations

30 Oct 2015

Communication coach Robin Kermode provides 15 simple tips to help with three situations that can give us the heebie jeebies.

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Learning to be assertive: Finding the balance between aggressive and submissive behaviour

23 Jun 2015

Assertiveness can make or break social situations, whether we are dealing with people one-to-one or in groups. Chris Croft discusses...

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Graduate recruitment: most believe technical skills are enough

21 May 2015

Seven out of 10 graduates think just being good at their job is enough to help them succeed at work,...

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Staff misconduct: how to spot bad eggs

Staff misconduct: how leaders can spot bad eggs

14 Oct 2014

With extreme cases of staff misconduct having hit the headlines lately, how can leaders create an environment of trust and...

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Leadership - flying swans

A novel approach to leadership coaching

1 Aug 2014

Poor leadership is often at the heart of business failure. So how do you train managers to become inspirational leaders?...

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Wolseley win the Talent Management 2013 award

PT Awards profile: Wolseley constructs talent pipeline

13 Jun 2014

Wolseley UK had a clear business goal in mind when it embarked on its new talent management strategy, which won...

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Leadership training: overview

18 Feb 2010

Leadership training and development courses are seen as the blue-ribbon events in the training calendar and usually the responsibility of...

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Leadership training: selecting delegates

18 Feb 2010

Leadership development delegates should be nominated by senior or board level management – insist on evidence that these nominees have...

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