Flexible pay

Promotion ‘almost as stressful as divorce’ says HR survey

25 Jan 2007

The challenge of a major promotion is almost as stressful as a divorce, according to research.

Almost 60% of the...

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Employers and workers join call to include benefits packages in job advertisements

19 Jul 2006

Full benefits package would differentiate firms from competitors.

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Public sector stays ahead in pay stakes for IT professionals

16 May 2006

Staff retention is the key as pay rises for IT staff in the public sector stay ahead of the market.

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Scots would take pay cut to work less hours

15 Aug 2005

One in three Scots employees would take a salary cut to reduce their working hours, according to new research

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NHS will miss AfC pay scheme target

17 May 2005

The head of HR in the NHS has admitted the health service will miss its September target for having all...

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Women at work most affected by election

4 May 2005

A TUC report has rubbished claims that there is little difference between the main political parties by highlighting the positive benefits for women if the Labour Party were to win the general election.

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Salary sacrifice dangers outlined by consultants

13 Apr 2005

Business consultants urge employers and employees to examine potential pitfalls of salary sacrifice schemes.

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Volatile world of marketing keeps employees on look-out

6 Apr 2005

Marketing and media staff keep one eye on the door as work-life balance suffers.

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Falling snow equals falling pay levels for most employees

22 Feb 2005

As the snow falls so do pay levels for most employees as bosses refuse to compensate for bad weather.

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UK engineers look abroad for better pay and conditions

9 Feb 2005

The UK could be losing its engineers to continental companies which are offering better salaries and working conditions, according to the latest findings of an Institution of Mechancial Engineers survey.

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Improved technology pushes flexible working up the agenda

20 Oct 2004

Flexible reward is a business need and no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, according to consultancy Watson Wyatt. Morag Prosser, a senior...

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Red tape stifles development of HR across European Union

16 Mar 2004

A survey of HR across Europe reveals that most countries are struggling to come to terms with the European legislation mountain. Surprisingly, reports Michael Millar the UK is ahead of the pack in adapting to change

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