Fit notes

A fit note is a doctor’s statement of an employee’s fitness for work. The fit note is designed to encourage employers, employees and doctors to move away from a rigid system of employees being either fit or unfit to work and towards a more flexible approach placing the emphasis on what employees are able to do at work, thus helping sick employees to return to work as soon as they are able.

GP federation

Are GP federations the answer to return to work after sickness absence?

29 Sep 2014

Dr Mark O’Connor gives his view on how GP federations can transform the role of GPs by supporting employees as...

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All GPs should be trained in occupational health, says manufacturers’ body

16 Jul 2014

The Government should ring-fence around £6 million of the £170 million budget it has earmarked for its new Health and...

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Study looks at how to make best use of fit note

4 Oct 2013

In a potentially groundbreaking study, researchers from Nottingham University will investigate the best way to use fit notes to facilitate...

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More action needed to reduce employee sickness absence

6 Sep 2013

The EEF calls for action on the fit note after the drop in absence rates slows.A healthy workforce is needed...

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Fit notes aid communication but vary greatly in how they are used

4 Sep 2013

Since fit notes were introduced in April 2010, they have led to greater communication between GPs, patients and employers, a...

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Improving the work-life balance through stress reduction

1 Sep 2013

With more people than ever before experiencing workplace stress, psychotherapist Jamie Patterson looks at various tactics for reducing anxiety levels...

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Study finds fit note diagnosis related to gender, area and age

2 Jul 2013

The fit note has, by and large, had a positive effect in terms of reducing long-term sickness absence since its...

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EEF calls for summit on absence rates

1 Jul 2013

The manufacturers’ organisation EEF has called for a “summit” of employers and the medical ­profession to be held to discuss...

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How the Frost/Black report could shake up occupational health

3 Jun 2013

The Government’s response to the Frost/Black report could see the biggest shake-up of the OH profession in a generation, finds...

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Taking a history and making a functional assessment

1 Jun 2013

 During a clinical assessment, a patient’s history can be the key to helping an OH professional decide if someone is...

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Line manager briefing on making a job offer

13 May 2013

This line manager briefing examines the issues that line managers should take into account, and the steps that they should...

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Line manager briefing on interviewing

10 May 2013

This line manager briefing looks at the law and good practice on recruitment interviewing, including how to avoid bias and...

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GP fit note

Government tells employers they can overrule GP fit notes

1 May 2013

The Government has indicated that employers may, in principle, be able to overrule a GP’s advice in a fit note...

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The impact of carpal tunnel syndrome

1 Mar 2013

Alison Hammond and Anne Harriss discuss what to do when dealing with one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders in...

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Fit note gets mixed review from employers

8 Jan 2013

Four employers in 10 (38%) believe the fit note regime has been a significant step forward in how employers manage...

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