Guru’s guide to meeting the conversational demands of the workplace

Watching TV is good for your career according to research from Russell Group First. They’ve revealed that watching TV can allow you to talk to other people about TV and that the other people may enjoy the conversation and like you more, directly resulting in promotions and payrises. Guru has done some research of his […]
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Guru has some advice for the British Dietetic Association

We’re fast approaching Christmas party season, but obviously not at the British Dietetic Association. At the British Dietetic Association it’s the time of year for pumping out press releases full of sexist, idiotic nonsense. This is the opening to the email that greeted Guru this morning from the BDA: “Okay ladies, it’s time! That LBD […]
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Horses talk business

Image: Rex Features Guru has just received one of his favourite ever press releases. It involves the exciting new publication Unbridled Success. The press release tells us that the author, Julia Felton, “shares her profound life and the business lessons that horses have taught her“. Note, that these aren’t lessons she’s learned through the process […]
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People Management power tweeters live in a man’s world

Image: Rex Features Guru recently posted about the difficulties of finding male applicants for HR jobs, and it is self-evident that most HR practitioners are women; according to the CIPD, in 2011, 70% of its members were female. With that being the case, why is it that 75% of People Management’s top 20 power tweeters […]
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Guru delights in CIPD conference program

Guru has been keenly scouring the CIPD conference fixture list, looking for the key seminars that will furnish his team with the knowledge and skills to tackle what’s likely to be another tough year in HR. In difficult financial times, with smaller HR teams trying to manage the consequences of redundancies and restructuring, there are […]
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Telegraph worried there are too few women for the boardroom

Guru is not the chief professor of mathematics at Harvard University’s maths department and it’s quite likely that he won’t ever be, but he doesn’t think you really need to be to spot what is wrong with the following conclusions from The Telegraph: “The majority of women surveyed – 68pc – said they would prefer […]
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Guru demands “binders full of men”

Guru has been advertising for a new member of his HR team and has been very disappointed that, for the umpteenth time, he’s been inundated with applications from qualified women, but has had no male applicants at all. Well, Guru has always been committed to creating an equal opportunities workplace, so he marched straight out […]
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“Gangnam Style” dancing life guards fired (and rightly so)

Image: Rex Features All around the world idiots with nothing better to do are filming themselves dancing about “Gangnam Style”. Mostly they’ve been applauded by other nitwits with nothing better to do than watch them doing it, but in California some life guards have been sacked for using “city resources” to make their tribute to […]
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Guru did not use the word “grunt”

Guru has had a difficult week after a confrontation with an extremely junior member of his HR team resulted in some wild accusations being thrown Guru’s way. The confrontation occurred late Wednesday afternoon, after what had been a very stressful day for Guru. The events unfolded in the kitchen, into which Guru had wandered wishing […]
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Barcelona players are plane sexist

Image: Rex Features In the rare moments when Barcelona’s players aren’t throwing themselves about a football pitch cheating or practising cheating, or giving interviews defending all the diving around cheating they do, they’re sexually discriminating against men… or women… or both? … Guru isn’t entirely sure. According to Turkish Airlines, Barcelona’s team of tiny acrobats […]
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