Mobile recruitment

Mobile recruitment, which allows employers to find candidates for job vacancies via mobile devices and communications, is becoming increasingly common in the modern world.

artificial intelligence-recruitment-tinder

Swipe right for the best candidate? Recruitment enters the Tinder age

Recruitment systems are evolving so candidates can use artificial intelligence to match themselves to roles in a similar way they...


Companies shorten recruitment times to get staff in quicker

10 Jan 2017

Almost half of employers have had to shorten the time it takes to recruit someone because they want to hire...

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Join the first In-house Recruitment LIVE! show

15 Aug 2016

With an estimated 40,000 in-house recruiters in the UK and this number growing, a new event in September offers an...

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Is one-stop application the future of hiring?

20 Jun 2016

As consumers, we expect to be able to order products and access services at the click of a mouse, so...

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Five recruitment tech trends to keep on top of

15 Mar 2016

Recruitment confidence is high, but employers are struggling to find the right skills they need to fill crucial roles. What...

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Rob Brydon hosted the 2016 RAD Awards

Havas People and NOMS take top prize at 2016 RAD Awards

1 Feb 2016

A campaign to recruit prison officers has won the coveted Work of the Year prize at the 2016 RAD Awards....

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Recruitment advertising: why print still has a place

17 Aug 2015

With just weeks to go now until entries close for next year’s RAD Awards for recruitment advertising, we look at...

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Social recruitment: will new tool give employers pick of the candidates?

18 May 2015

In an increasingly candidate-driven market, a new tool from Monster matches social media users’ skills with relevant job opportunities. Cath...

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video interviews

Video interviews: putting the “screen” into recruitment

16 Apr 2015

Video interviews have been slow to take off, but are now gaining ground thanks to a new cloud-based service, says...

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Temporary recruitment via mobile can reduce costs

Temporary recruitment: as easy as picking up your smart phone

20 Mar 2015

Finding temporary workers at short notice can be an administrative headache, but a new mobile-friendly app aims to combat that,...

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RAD Awards 2015

RAD Awards 2015 winners unveiled

2 Feb 2015

Virgin Money and TMP Worldwide emerged from the 2015 RAD Awards with the coveted Work of the Year prize at...

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Accenture receive Innovation in Recruitment Award 2014.

Personnel Today Awards 2014 winners: Accenture take top prize for recruitment innovation

12 Dec 2014

The Personnel Today Award for Innovation in Recruitment was given to Accenture for doubling it's amount of hires after the introduction of new technology...

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Employers are not embracing mobile recruitment opportunities

Mobile recruitment: a missed opportunity for employers?

4 Nov 2014

Employers are failing to take advantage of the opportunity to access job candidates via mobile platforms, new research from Personnel...

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Recruitment content strategies: How do you attract top talent?

Standing out: what is your recruitment content strategy? (webinar)

3 Nov 2014

ON DEMAND | All HR and resourcing professionals learn early on in their careers what is needed...

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Have job boards really had their day?

Have job boards really had their day?

2 Oct 2014

In recruitment circles, few questions come close to generating such opinion and passion as these: Have job boards had their...

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