Mobile workers

Many employers need mobile workers to carry out their business tasks, for example to sell their products and provide installation, repair and delivery services.

The management of a mobile workforce, for example a remote sales team, creates a numbers of challenges for employers around health and safety, communication and control, and working time.

As seen in the Tyco case, the working time status of travelling time for workers with no usual place of work has been particularly controversial.

How to manage a mobile workforce through skill and technology

6 Mar 2007

Managing staff is hard enough, but when most of that workforce is mobile, it takes skill and technology to keep a company glued together. Here's how to build a robust network for your mobile workers.

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Shipping industry to get HR and benchmarking club

10 Oct 2006

Major players in the shipping industry are forming an HR and benchmarking club intended to produce reliable salary and compensation...

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Teleworking take-off

10 Jan 2006

Joel Ceausu examines how corporate America is embracing teleworking

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Mobile working gets thumbs-down from most UK employers

21 Oct 2005

Less than half of UK organisations encourage mobile working, according to research, and the public sector is one of the worst offenders.

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Planes, trains and automobiles

27 Sep 2005

Traveling for business is no picnic. Lack of sleep, poor diet and no exercise coupled with long treks to the airport and even longer waits in security lines take the pleasure out of any trip

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BT Conferencing tells staff not to drive for the day

21 Sep 2005

Business communications firm BT Conferencing is asking its employees to leave their cars at home on Thursday.

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UK executives spend 70 days a year on foreign business trips

25 Aug 2005

Business travellers spend 67.8 days every year on work trips, more than three times the amount of annual leave taken by the average UK worker, research reveals.

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Safety first

12 Jul 2005

Sending employees to dangerous places is a necessity for some employers. Ross Bentley finds out how HR can reduce the...

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Employers face threat of legal action over use of illegal software.

8 Jul 2005

Increased mobility is making it difficult for employers to track software use on portable IT equipment.

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Remote workers play havoc with IT patch management

8 Mar 2005

Mobile and remote workers are playing havoc with IT departments' efforts to secure systems that are vulnerable to viruses or hacking attacks, according to research.

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How to deal with expats when they return home

8 Mar 2005

An employee's time abroad is normally when support is provided from the employer. However, coming home means upheaval, which can in turn bring stress. It falls to HR departments to confront the disconcerting effects of repatriation.

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IT professionals prefer mobility despite concern of employers

26 Jan 2005

Despite the fact that employers want staff to have a more in-depth understanding of their businesses, IT professionals prefer to remain as contractors

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Union condemns council for use of agency manager

22 Dec 2004

Public sector union Unison said Manchester council could have used the £190,000 paid for a social care manager to keep an old people's home open

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Leading businesses start to see benefits of flexible approach

10 Nov 2004

It appears the Government’s push towards a more flexible working nation is paying off with news that 90 per cent...

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A different mindset

14 Sep 2004

Why measurement of performance is key to managing your mobile workers.

While mobile and remote working is increasingly common –...

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