It is good practice for employers to support employees doing volunteer work within the community or for charity. Supporting volunteers helps the organisation to build relationships with the local community and improve how it is perceived within it. Employees who do volunteer work can use the skills that they have developed at work to help the community.

Some organisations, such as charities, can also engage volunteers to carry out work for them. Volunteering agreements are often considered to be informal agreements that do not amount to contracts of employment. However, the employment status of volunteers can be unclear and there have been a number of cases in which volunteers have claimed that they are workers or employees.

Vaccine volunteers face “overload of bureaucracy” to support roll-out

Medical professionals such as dentists say they have been unable to offer support to administer coronavirus vaccines due to an...

Hospital worker

Matt Hancock supports military-style reservists system for NHS

23 Nov 2020

The NHS could gain a pool of reservists similar to those provided for the police and army under a proposal to extend the coronavirus volunteer scheme.

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Why the time is right to consider staff volunteering schemes

30 Sep 2020

Good employers should take note of the increased interest in voluntary work, driven by the community spirit the early stages...

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Volunteer projects ‘better for skills development than another training course’

18 Sep 2020

Half of employees want to use their professional skills on volunteer projects.

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Don’t switch off employee volunteering schemes this summer

8 Jul 2020

The summer months are often a great opportunity for employee volunteering projects. But despite social distancing restrictions, there are still...

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Rail workers critical of plans for face mask volunteers

5 Jun 2020

Government plans to recruit volunteers who will monitor and guide rail passengers at stations have run into strong criticism from...

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Emergency Volunteer Leave: what HR needs to know

9 Apr 2020

Announced in the Coronavirus Bill last month, the government intends to introduce a temporary right to statutory emergency volunteering leave...

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Airline crew asked to join NHS Nightingale Hospitals initiative

30 Mar 2020

Thousands of EasyJet and Virgin employees have been asked to work at the temporary NHS hospitals.

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Met Police asks retired officers to return

27 Mar 2020

The Metropolitan Police Service is calling on retired officers to return to duty and urging those nearing retirement to stay...

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Consultation includes protections from third-party sexual harassment

11 Jul 2019

The government has published its consultation on plans to strengthen protections against sexual harassment at work, including harassment from third...

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volunteering cooperation business

Introduce a social purpose to business and reap the career rewards

20 May 2019

A programme that seeks to introduce the know-how and vision of business leaders with charities found that the businesses experienced gained as much as the charities in terms of recruitment, skills and development.

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Skills-based volunteering can boost employee engagement

24 Feb 2018

With younger employees increasingly believing business should be a force for good, Bruce McCombie from Pilotlight looks at how skills-based...

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“Pawternity” leave? Time off work for pets and other leave of the future

1 Dec 2016

Around half of UK households own a pet, according to the RSPCA. So why is there not a specific legal...

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How skills-based volunteering can boost careers

30 Sep 2016

Many employers see volunteering as a way to boost team dynamics and give something back. Skills-based volunteering takes this one...

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Annual leave

Congratulation leave? Unusual types of leave from around the world

14 Jan 2016

Anyone thinking that the UK’s upcoming grandparental leave is unnecessary meddling by law-makers should look beyond these shores at the...

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