Psychological contract

The psychological contract is the unwritten understanding that exists between employer and employee, based on a set of mutual expectations of behaviour from both parties.

Covid-19: Will ‘anti-vaxxers’ pose a problem for HR?

The UK has become the first country in the world to approve the mass use of a Covid vaccine and...

Can remote redundancy conversations be sensitive and fair?

4 Aug 2020

With job losses continuing to hit the headlines, many employers are wrestling with the practical issues involving redundancy consultations, and...

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How the HR team at Severn Trent Water is keeping things flowing

8 Jul 2020

Neil Morrison explains how the utility has coped during the coronavirus pandemic, and why HR has a duty to support...

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Acas chief: Why kindness is key at times like these

19 May 2020

Acas chief executive Susan Clews outlines some of the key points from its new mental health guidance and highlights some...

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Why employee happiness really matters, and how you can achieve it

13 Nov 2017

How much value should be placed on employees’ happiness and what impact does this really have on business success and...

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BA staff work for free: selling the unsellable

18 Jun 2009

British Airways has offered 40,000 staff the option to work for free for up to a month to protect their...

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Editor’s comment: you can reap the rewards of positive reinforcement

7 Aug 2007

The person who conjures up a magic solution that instantly achieves employee engagement will be worth a fortune. In the...

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Performance management: play to their strengths

6 Aug 2007

Is it possible to improve employee engagement and retention simply by focusing on what staff are good at? Karen Dempsey...

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Roffey Park research finds public sector morale is far lower than private or voluntary sectors

12 Jun 2007

The public sector suffers from vastly lower levels of workplace morale than the private or voluntary sectors, according to research...

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Drama-based training: what is the point?

15 May 2007

Drama-based training may seem like an extravagant option, but it can have a role to play in certain scenarios.One thing...

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Understanding Psychological Contracts at Work: book review

6 Feb 2007

Understanding Psychological Contracts at WorkAuthors: Neil Conway and Rob B. BrinerPrice: £19.99Publisher: Oxford University PressPages: 240ISBN: 0199280657

Buy this book at...

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What’s in a name?

30 Nov 2004

Kaye Thorne explains why employer branding is the key to building both staff and customer loyalty

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Believing in the workers

22 Jun 2004

The Archbishop of Canterbury believes portfolio working is no kind of job for a person of integrity. He's right - up to a point

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