Gender pay gap

Gender pay gap reporting legislation requires large employers to publish their overall mean and median gender pay gaps from 2018. Under the new laws, private and voluntary sector employers with 250 or more employees have to calculate their gender pay gap on 5 April each year, publishing their data on the Government’s gender pay gap reporting service by 4 April the following year. For public sector organisations, the snapshot date is 31 March, so the data has to be published no later than 30 March the following year.

Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman and Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton on gender pay equality: on-demand video

12 Apr 2016

Hillary Clinton joined a round table discussion on gender pay equality, broadcast live on Personnel Today earlier today. An on-demand...

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If the employers' pay reference period begins on 10 April, does it have to pay the national living wage for 1-9 April?

Top 10 HR questions March 2016: national living wage pay reference periods

4 Apr 2016

Most employers will hopefully know by now that the national living wage...

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How to get ready for gender pay gap reporting

30 Mar 2016

The draft regulations on gender pay gap reporting leave many questions unanswered. Adrian Martin and Annelise Tracy Phillips share insights...

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Flexible working from day one could help reduce the gender pay gap, say MPs. Photo: WestEnd61/REX/Shutterstock

Flexible working should be a day-one right say MPs

22 Mar 2016

All roles should be advertised as flexible unless there is a strong and continuing business reason otherwise, a committee of...

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Female directors pack more shareholder value, study finds

8 Mar 2016

Shareholders value female directors more than male ones according to new analysis of stock market fluctuations following the departure of...

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UK women lack ambition compared with global counterparts

8 Mar 2016

The UK has one of the lowest levels of female ambition at work, research by recruitment group Hays has found....

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Jeff Blackler / REX Shutterstock

Top 10 HR questions February 2016: National living wage

3 Mar 2016

The national living wage – the new minimum wage for workers aged 25 and over – comes into force on...

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Three key principles for gender pay transparency

26 Feb 2016

Due to the upcoming reporting legislation, employers are beginning to embrace their responsibilities on addressing gender pay equality. Ruth Thomas...

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Gender pay gap reporting: the draft legislation examined

16 Feb 2016

Consultant editor Darren Newman examines the recently published draft gender pay gap reporting legislation.
The measures on gender pay gap...

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Nicky Morgan, minister for women and equalities. Photo: Mark Thomas/REX Shutterstock

Draft gender pay reporting regulations published

12 Feb 2016

League tables showing how well companies are tackling their gender pay gap will be published by the Government in 2018...

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Top 10 HR questions January 2016: Gender pay gap reporting

3 Feb 2016

Large employers will soon have a duty to report information on their gender pay gap. With much of the detail...

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HR news you may have missed over the Christmas break

4 Jan 2016

Today is the first day back at work for many people after as much as a fortnight away from the...

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Employment law changes in 2016: eight things employers should know

18 Dec 2015

Key employment law changes in 2016 to ensure you have a head start to...

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The 2015 HR quiz of the year

16 Dec 2015

All up to date with employment law? Have your finger on the pulse of best HR practice? Then take our...

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Female HR professionals earn 11% less than men, says survey

2 Dec 2015

Women in the HR profession earn on average 11% less than men – the equivalent of £4,534 per person in...

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