£12k for unfairly dismissed Age UK worker after botched redundancy

An error made by managers working out who should be made redundant led to a successful claim of unfair dismissal from a former Age UK employee.

tesco metro

Tesco to shed thousands of jobs

The UK's largest supermarket chain is cutting 4,500 jobs mostly across its 153 Metro stores, as it puts measures in place to simplify processes.

Top 10 HR questions July 2019: Spent convictions

There are limits to the circumstances in which employers can take a candidate’s past criminal convictions into account when deciding...

hospital essex basildon

HR manager at merging NHS trust was unfairly dismissed

An HR manager at a merged NHS trust has won her claim for unfair dismissal but two of her colleagues' cases failed.

ryanair job cuts

Ryanair expected to cull excess pilots and cabin crew

Ryanair has 900 too many pilots and cabin crew, its chief executive has said in a video warning staff to...

New parents and expectant mothers to receive more redundancy protections

The legal protections for pregnant women and new mothers are to be extended to six months after they return to...

Nissan to cut 10% of global workforce

Nissan is to cut 12,500 jobs globally  – almost 10% of its workforce – as it reports one of its...


Business secretary: ‘no-deal Brexit will cost thousands of jobs’

Business secretary Greg Clark has warned that 'many thousands' of jobs will be lost if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

France Telecom protest

Telecoms giant awaits verdict on top executives in staff suicides case

A trial of senior executives could lead to jail sentences over a wave of suicides as employees suffered appalling levels of workplace stress

Tamarind restaurant (2004)

Restaurant worker unfairly dismissed after whistleblowing

An employment tribunal has ruled that the sacking of an assistant restaurant manager after he had blown the whistle over ingredients was unfair.

tesco redundancy payments mistake

Tesco asks former staff to return redundancy overpayments

Former Tesco staff who were made redundant last month have been asked to return redundancy sums that were overpaid to...

channel 4 relocation

Channel 4’s relocation could see up to 90% take redundancy

Up to 90% of staff at Channel 4 are considering taking redundancy rather than relocate away from London, it has been reported.

ford bridgend closure

Ford ‘to close Bridgend site’ by September 2020

Ford will close its Bridgend manufacturing plant by September 2020 with the loss of 1,700 jobs, workers have been told....

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