Tamarind restaurant (2004)

Restaurant worker unfairly dismissed after whistleblowing

An employment tribunal has ruled that the sacking of an assistant restaurant manager after he had blown the whistle over ingredients was unfair.

tesco redundancy payments mistake

Tesco asks former staff to return redundancy overpayments

Former Tesco staff who were made redundant last month have been asked to return redundancy sums that were overpaid to...

channel 4 relocation

Channel 4’s relocation could see up to 90% take redundancy

Up to 90% of staff at Channel 4 are considering taking redundancy rather than relocate away from London, it has been reported.

ford bridgend closure

Ford ‘to close Bridgend site’ by September 2020

Ford will close its Bridgend manufacturing plant by September 2020 with the loss of 1,700 jobs, workers have been told....

Top 10 HR questions May 2019: Ramadan, redundancy and references

Many employers will have staff who have been fasting over the last month, as they observe Ramadan.
The most popular...

Renationalisation: what does it entail for HR?

Returning privately run agencies to public ownership, as the National Probation Service will soon experience, is becoming increasingly common. So what does nationalisation mean for HR?

British Steel collapse puts thousands of jobs at risk

British Steel is to go into administration, putting some 5,000 UK jobs at risk and endangering 20,000 roles in its...

MP seeks to rescue new mums’ redundancy protection plans

The government is accused of dragging its feet over protections for new mothers as a private member's bill is introduced in the House of Commons...

Top 10 HR questions April 2019: Maximum compensation, holiday entitlement and positive action

The annual increase to the limits on compensation that can be awarded in an...

Half of staff fear Brexit redundancies within a year

Almost half of employees think their employer will make redundancies over the next year, fearing Brexit will result in financial instability.

Government opens consultation on £95,000 cap on public sector exit payments

The government has confirmed plans to introduce a £95,000 cap on payouts for public sector workers when they leave their...

Top 10 HR questions March 2019: Anonymous witness rights

If a witness in a disciplinary procedure wishes to remain anonymous, how can the employer balance their privacy against the...

Redundancy when on maternity leave: a matter of communication

HR practitioners, even some line managers, know full well that an employee at risk of redundancy when they are on...

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