Number of overseas nationals leaving UK could have reached 1.3 million

Up to 1.3 million overseas nationals have left the UK over the past year, with almost 700,000 non-UK born workers...

Aviation in ‘jobs death spiral’ as Norwegian cuts 1,100 jobs

Norwegian Air is to close its long-haul operations to concentrate on its short-haul network in Scandinavia, meaning around 1,100 staff...

‘Aggressive’ tactics used to ditch senior execs who are working at home

Some employers in sectors badly effected by the pandemic have resorted to aggressive tactics with the aim of cutting senior...

Theatre staff who learned of job losses on social media win pay-out

Twenty-three former theatre employees have been awarded 90 days’ pay after they found out they were losing their jobs via...

Green revolution poses threat to jobs in least prosperous regions

The UK’s least prosperous regions face the greatest potential disruption to jobs as it moves towards delivering net zero emissions...

HR news you may have missed over Christmas

We bring you up to speed with news that broke over the festive period.

The final furlough: what are the pros and cons of re-hiring redundant staff?

With the vaccine on the way and businesses hoping for a return to ‘normal’ in the coming months, should employers rehire talent, or are the risks too high?

British Gas engineer

MPs join unions in urging British Gas/Centrica to end fire-rehire threat

MPs have urged Centrica’s bosses to withdraw their threat of firing and then rehiring engineers as a ballot closes on strike action at the company.

Employees on payrolls plummet by more than 800k

There were 819,000 fewer workers on company payrolls last month than at the start of the pandemic, with the hospitality...

Ending tax-free shopping will cost thousands of jobs says Heathrow boss

John Holland-Kaye says loss of retail jobs will be 'final nail in the coffin' for struggling businesses that rely on tourism.

BT could face first national strike since 1987

Telecoms giant BT is potentially facing its first national strike in 33 years after staff expressed their willingness to take...

Nearly 10k job losses expected on ‘Black Monday’

Almost 10,000 people are expected to be made redundant today, on what has been called ‘Black Monday’.

Top 10 Covid-related claims employers could face in 2021

The Government’s furlough scheme, large-scale redundancies, safe working concerns and the rise of flexible working will have a big impact...

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