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GCSE grades are changing: a 9-to-1 guide for employers

For the past three decades, employers have advertised roles requiring candidates to have a certain number of GCSEs at “grade...

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How to deal with uncertainty around employing EU nationals

Organisations employing EU nationals in the UK must tread carefully on the path to Brexit or face discrimination claims or...

Testing candidates is a little like plucking a goose

Don’t let candidates be put off by an outdated hiring experience

Finding the balance between effective candidate selection and a positive candidate experience is no mean feat. Charles Martin looks at...


Apprenticeship levy comes into force

New Regulations requiring companies with a wage bill of more than £3 million to pay an apprenticeship levy come into...


Measuring typical performance using situational judgement tests

PROMOTED | How you phrase a question in a psychometric test can affect how an employee... Find out more


Freedom of movement could continue for some time after Brexit

Theresa May has hinted that free movement of EU citizens could continue during an “implementation period” after the UK has...

A backlash in August against an illegal working sting at the Byron Burger restaurant in London. Controversy about migrant labour affects the health of workers. Guy Bell/REX/Shutterstock

Role of occupational health in migrant workers’ health

Migrant workers’ health presents a unique set of challenges for OH practitioners. Tristi Brownett draws on personal experience to offer...

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