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The latest on employment tribunals from the XpertHR legal team. We provide a weekly round-up of the latest tribunal cases to hit the headlines, with links to in-depth analyses on XpertHR and key articles from national and regional press coverage. Tribunal Watch began life in 2010 as an XpertHR blog – view older posts here.


Tribunals accept limits to flexible working after maternity leave

17 Oct 2016

In two recent unsuccessful cases, employment tribunals accepted that there is no absolute obligation on employers to accept new mothers’...

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No age discrimination against “overqualified” job applicant

10 Oct 2016

An employment tribunal has held that an employer that rejected a job candidate for a marketing role for being overqualified...

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Discrimination arising from disability: big payouts by employment tribunals

30 Aug 2016

In a number of recent disability discrimination claims, employment tribunals have found employers guilty of “discrimination arising from disability” under...

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Withdrawal of job offer made by agency costs employer £3,000

21 Aug 2016

An employment tribunal has ordered an employer to pay breach of contract damages after it withdrew a job offer made...

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Greggs baker fairly dismissed for not washing hands

4 Aug 2016

An employment tribunal has held that Greggs fairly dismissed an experienced baker who did not wash his hands before returning...

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Large costs award: claimants secretly recorded employer’s legal advice

18 Jul 2016

An employment tribunal threw out four claimants’ cases and ordered them to pay a total of £69,484 in costs after ...

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Dismissed worker argued racist term was “street talk”

9 Jun 2016

An employment tribunal held that an employee was fairly dismissed after using a racist term at work, despite his arguments...

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Redundancy consultation: protective awards for City Link staff

31 May 2016

An employment tribunal has made protective awards of 90 days’ pay over City Link’s failure to carry out a redundancy...

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Religious discrimination: Christian teacher’s dismissal for refusal to divorce sex offender

23 May 2016

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has held that a Christian employee, dismissed for not divorcing her husband when he was...

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Fair dismissal of line manager who refused workplace drug test

16 May 2016

An employment tribunal rejected an unfair dismissal claim by a line manager who was sacked when he refused to take...

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Employer withdrew job offer due to sickness absence

9 May 2016

An employment tribunal held that a nurse was the victim of discrimination arising from disability, after her prospective employer withdrew...

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Dismissal over erratic behaviour was disability discrimination

29 Apr 2016

An employment tribunal has held that it was discrimination arising from disability for an employee with mental health problems to...

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Disability discrimination: “pull yourself together” comment to employee with depression

15 Apr 2016

An employment tribunal has held that a director’s comment to an employee with depression that “everyone gets depressed sometimes, you...

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Fair misconduct dismissal of employee “pulling a sickie”

29 Mar 2016

An employee on sick leave who was found to have exaggerated the effects of an injury caused by a slip...

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Age discrimination: £63,000 for salesperson nicknamed “Gramps”

7 Mar 2016

An employment tribunal awarded more than £63,000 for age discrimination to a salesperson who was nicknamed “Gramps” by his younger...

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