Night work

Supreme Court hears minimum wage ‘sleep-in’ cases

In a landmark case for the care sector, the Supreme Court today hears two cases on the national minimum wage...

Six employment law cases that will shape 2020

14 Jan 2020

We look at six important employment law cases that will get the headlines in 2020, covering significant issues such as...

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Older workers drive growth in night work

26 Oct 2019

Nearly one million workers aged over 50 are now working through the night with night working at its highest level since records began.

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Working when the clocks go back: how do employers handle the extra hour?

25 Oct 2019

The clocks go back an hour at 2:00am on Sunday 27 October 2019. But what does this mean for night workers?

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Night shifts do not increase breast cancer risk, study finds

30 May 2019

Researchers have debunked the idea that shift work increases the risk of developing breast cancer, finding there was little or...

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Shop staff verbally abused or assaulted once a fortnight, union claims

30 Apr 2019

A retail union has urged the government to better protect shop workers from violence and verbal abuse, after it emerged...

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Caravan park staff not entitled to NMW for night call outs

18 Apr 2019

Workers who were on call during the evening were conducting “time work” and should have received an hourly rate under...

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Night shifts can lead to cancer, study suggests

2 Aug 2017

Working night shifts is associated with a reduced ability to repair DNA lesions that can, over time, cause DNA damage...

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Does working night shifts increase risk of cancer?

5 Sep 2012

How the body clock works remains a mystery, but the effects of shift patterns on it and overall wellbeing are...

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Danish study links cancer risk to night shifts

3 Jul 2012

Frequent night shifts can be linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, research has argued.A study of women in...

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Sleeping night workers’ ‘rest break’ claim rejected

20 Apr 2012

Two night-shift care workers who were sacked after being found asleep on duty and who claimed they were “asserting the right...

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Night-shift workers warned of health risks

20 Apr 2011

The Government is being urged to limit the length of night shifts to eight hours, after a study warned that...

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Night-shift staff at higher risk of diabetes strain

4 Dec 2009

Night-shift workers are at a significantly increased risk of impaired glucose metabolism, latest research has suggested. A study in the...

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Night shift work and health risks – dealing with the fall-out

3 Jun 2009

A recent payout by the Danish government highlights the risks to health of prolonged night-shift work. William O'Neill assesses the dangers for employers, and how they might have to handle them.

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Night shift fears: employers on alert

3 Apr 2009

Employers should treat night shift staff with care in light of Danish breast cancer payouts.

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