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Cath has been a journalist and editor for more than 20 years, specialising in HR and technology issues.

Does the rise of artificial intelligence mean the death of the recruiter?

19 Jul 2016

Recruitment is a prime candidate for automation through artificial intelligence and machine learning, but what does this mean for the...

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Is technology a drain on productivity?

17 May 2016

Technology is designed to help people do their jobs more efficiently. So why does it have such a big role...

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What does the gig economy mean for HR?

15 Feb 2016

The “gig economy” has firmly entered employment vocabulary, becoming a catch-all term for anything from Uber taxi drivers to freelance...

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Performance management and dealing with “career consumers”

4 Feb 2016

With so-called “career consumers” becoming more demanding in terms of their workplace development, managing their performance can be a challenge....

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Keeping track of skills in a contingent workforce

2 Feb 2016

As organisations increasingly rely on self-employed contractors or other forms of contingent labour, how can they account for these skills...

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How to make video technology work beyond recruitment

15 Jan 2016

Using video for hiring interviews is growing in popularity, but how can organisations expand how they use this versatile technology?...

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New war for talent pushing up adoption of HR tech, says Fairsail

8 Jan 2016

As the economy continues to improve and skills are in shorter supply, mid-size companies have a greater appetite for HR...

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How Centrica is tackling HR transformation on a fixed budget

7 Jan 2016

HR transformation projects can be all-consuming, both financially and in terms of resources. But carefully targeting its investment helped energy...

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Employee engagement: telling stories through pictures

18 Dec 2015

Despite sites such as Instagram and Pinterest enjoying huge popularity with consumers, organisations are yet to fully embrace the power...

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Performance reviews: the benefits of getting social with feedback

15 Dec 2015

A growing number of employers are ditching the annual performance review in favour of more regular chances to recognise staff....

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How a tech company inspired self-directed learning

14 Dec 2015

Cloud services company iomart was great at building employees’ technical skills, but it needed to offer more rounded training in...

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HR analytics: time to match enthusiasm with investment

11 Dec 2015

HR’s enthusiasm for using analytics continues to grow, but this is constrained by budgets and a need to build up...

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Smart tech to wipe out wasted time in meetings

30 Nov 2015

We waste hours every week on unproductive meetings and IT issues are often to blame. How can employees running meetings ...

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Beating the budget cuts at West Yorkshire Police

Beating the budget cuts at West Yorkshire Police

23 Nov 2015

This week sees the Chancellor’s latest Spending Review, with public-sector employers set for more budget cuts. Cath Everett finds out...

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Learning on demand gains ground at Maitland Group

18 Nov 2015

Delivering learning content to time-poor employees in a global company can be a challenge. Maitland Group has increased engagement by...

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