Catbert shows tougher side to human resources

Guru has previously examined how the human resources profession receives relatively little TV airtime.

Flip Chart Fairt Tales takes on the debate this week, arguing that “very few television dramas are set in the sort of workplaces in which most of us spend much of our lives. Even where work is a feature of the plot, it is usually incidental.”

But there is one entertainment medium where HR has had its fair share of publicity – and not always good. Guru is, of course, referring to the legendary cartoon strip Dilbert, about the eponymous 30-something engineer employed at an undisclosed high-tech company in Northern California.

Dilbert is always worth a daily visit for insights into the world of work, office politics, executive incompetence and corporate scheming.

Dilbert's evil HR director Catbert

HR, in the world of Dilbert, under the control of evil human resources director Catbert, is particularly vicious – not a cup of tea nor look of sympathy in sight.

Check out this Dilbert cartoon strip about new employee Amber Dextrous for an insight into HR – Catbert-style. It’s actually quite strategic!

Dilbert creator Scott Adams describes Catbert thus:

Catbert is a typical cat, in the sense that he looks cute but he doesn’t care if you live or die. As human resources director at Dilbert’s company, he teases employees before downsizing them.

Try Catbert’s salary calculator to find out what he thinks you’re worth. It isn’t much!

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One Response to Catbert shows tougher side to human resources

  1. Jorge Lazo 24 March 2008 at 8:42 pm #

    I love that cat =)

    im a worker of human resourses and i like its style


    just joking

    see ya!