George Osborne gets hold of the scissors

george-osborne.jpgToday, the pig-faced chancellor George Osborne (pictured) gets to deliver his porky idea of what prime cuts need to made to the rump of the public purse in his eagerly awaited spending review. One thing’s for certain: Mr Pig will not be pulling a silk purse out of his pigs ear. But he will be raiding the public piggy bank.

Guru wonders quite how a man who comes across as a multi-millionaire imbecile only interested in feathering his own very well padded nest and who’s only understanding of ‘society’ is that it is ‘big’, as in David Cameron telling him excitedly “it’s a big society George!”, ever got to have such a big job. Sadly for the rest of us an acute inner ear problem means that Mr Porkington thought his Bullingdon buddy was saying “it’s a pig society”.

Of course, as Mr Osborne announces that there will have to be 28 million job losses, and that he will be cutting back on his cheese and wine rations to make a personal contribution, Yours Truly notes that the people who will really have to get stuck into his ‘big job’ are the good folk of HR – that much maligned species that always manages to get called in to do the dirty work.

Still it is work.

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