Most annoying office traits revealed

A survey by the Institute of Leadership and Management has found the things that office workers hate the most in their colleagues. Here are the top nine most annoying things that colleagues can do according to whomever the ILM asked:

  1. Arrive late for meetings
  2. Leave dirty bowls and plates on their desk
  3. Gossip about other workers
  4. Discuss confidential work matters openly
  5. Send an email to people they’re sat directly opposite
  6. Leave their mobile phone on loud
  7. Take regular cigarette breaks
  8. Come into work sick
  9. Bring their children into the office

Guru would like to make some further additions to the list and would welcome any other suggestions:

  • Describe something as “scientific” just because it includes a graph
  • Sneeze extravagantly
  • Wear headphones into the office
  • Act in a “polite” way that really inconveniences both parties, such as holding doors open for somebody while standing in the door
  • Talk incessantly about concerns about getting home when there’s a whiff of snow in the air or they’ve seen a leaf fall off a tree
  • Looking at people they have no business looking at when walking through an office (this is mainly done by people who want to be looked at themselves)
  • Wear too much perfume/aftershave

2 Responses to Most annoying office traits revealed

  1. Charles Taylor 2 July 2013 at 11:52 am #

    I’d add: eating smelly food at their desk

  2. Marius Fermi 12 August 2013 at 9:56 am #

    Am I the only one that thinks these are pretty weak almost ridiculous office traits? Most of them are advisable for performance or in some cases encouraged to create a thriving and productive work team.

    These results seem like they went to every unmotivated and hateful work team and asked these questions.