Practical and legal issues that arise for employers on a resignation include: the employee's notice period, restrictive covenants, garden leave, accrued but untaken annual leave, recruitment of a replacement, and arranging a handover.

Employers should measure their labour turnover (the outflow of people from an organisation) to ensure that it has an acceptable resignation rate. Employers should analyse any underlying or recurring reasons for staff departures.

Deloitte D&I champion resigns over bullying allegations

Dimple Agarwal, Deloitte's deputy chief executive and managing partner of its People and Purpose group, is facing an internal investigation into bullying claims.

How technology can help as businesses face the offboarding challenge

22 Feb 2021

Digital tools can play in ensuring the ‘offboarding’ experience is well organised and communicated, writes Duncan Casemore.

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Cap on public sector exit payments revoked

12 Feb 2021

Regulations capping public sector exit payments at £95,000 have been revoked by the government, after a review found the cap...

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Senior Amazon employee resigns after virus protesters sacked

5 May 2020

A vice president at Amazon has resigned “in dismay” at the company’s treatment of workers who criticised working conditions that...

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Secretary who resigned because of discrimination was constructively dismissed

18 Feb 2020

A secretary who resigned because she was asked to be complicit in discriminatory recruitment practices was constructively and unfairly dismissed,...

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Director who resigned in ‘heat of the moment’ was unfairly dismissed

10 Feb 2020

The managing director of an electrical supplies company who resigned “in the heat of the moment” was unfairly dismissed.

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Top 10 HR questions March 2019: Anonymous witness rights

2 Apr 2019

If a witness in a disciplinary procedure wishes to remain anonymous, how can the employer balance their privacy against the...

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Top 10 HR questions November 2018: employee or worker?

3 Dec 2018

A number of recent employment tribunal cases have dealt with the employment status of people working in the “gig economy”....

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Top 10 HR questions October 2018: annual leave and sickness absence

2 Nov 2018

How should employers deal with annual leave entitlement for employees on long-term sick leave? This issue is dealt with in...

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Conducting termination discussions successfully (webinar)

1 Nov 2018

The heightened media interest in “gagging clauses” means that now may be the time to review your organisation’s approach to...

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Were Waitrose Food editor’s ‘killing vegans’ remarks a sackable offence?

1 Nov 2018

The editor of Waitrose’s Food magazine resigned this week after comments he made about “killing vegans” and “force-feeding them meat”...

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Giving notice to leave a job is not always a letter of resignation

14 Sep 2018

A letter that gives one month’s notice should not automatically be interpreted as a letter of resignation, an employment appeal...

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Top 10 HR questions August 2018 – Brexit and executive pay ratios

4 Sep 2018

While progress has been made in some areas of the Brexit negotiations, including agreement on the rights of EU citizens...

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Clarks boss gets the boot after behaviour ‘fell short’

26 Jun 2018

The boss of iconic shoemaker Clarks has resigned after the British company said his behaviour had fallen short of the...

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Sir Martin Sorrell leaves WPP in accordance with “at-will” agreement

16 Apr 2018

Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, has stepped down from his position following an investigation into allegations of misconduct. Accord...

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