Practical and legal issues that arise for employers on a resignation include: the employee's notice period, restrictive covenants, garden leave, accrued but untaken annual leave, recruitment of a replacement, and arranging a handover.

Employers should measure their labour turnover (the outflow of people from an organisation) to ensure that it has an acceptable resignation rate. Employers should analyse any underlying or recurring reasons for staff departures.

Giving notice to leave a job is not always a letter of resignation

A letter that gives one month’s notice should not automatically be interpreted as a letter of resignation, an employment appeal...

Top 10 HR questions August 2018 – Brexit and executive pay ratios

4 Sep 2018

While progress has been made in some areas of the Brexit negotiations, including agreement on the rights of EU citizens...

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Clarks boss gets the boot after behaviour ‘fell short’

26 Jun 2018

The boss of iconic shoemaker Clarks has resigned after the British company said his behaviour had fallen short of the...

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Sir Martin Sorrell leaves WPP in accordance with “at-will” agreement

16 Apr 2018

Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, has stepped down from his position following an investigation into allegations of misconduct. Accord...

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Employee notice periods: Getting the balance right

5 Oct 2016

New XpertHR Benchmarking research has found that most employers are happy with the way notice periods work at their organisation, ...

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Workplace protected conversations shield cannot be waived

12 Sep 2016

In DLA Piper’s latest case report, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) confirmed the privilege that applies to protected conversations cannot...

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Employee notice periods: take part in our survey

25 Jul 2016

XpertHR is running a short benchmarking survey on employee notice periods, focusing on resignations outside the probationary period.
Take part...

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Contractual notice periods range from one week to six months. Two thirds of organisations use a one month notice period for at least one group of employees; 42% have a three-month notice period. Source: XpertHR Managing employee departures survey

Notice periods: 10 employers’ questions on UK law

23 Sep 2015

What do employers need to know about notice periods on the termination of employment? Ashok Kanani answers the top 10...

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Heat of the moment dismissals.

Heat-of-the-moment dismissals: were these employees sacked or did they resign?

4 Sep 2015

What happens if a manager or small business owner gets into an argument with an employee, and ends up saying...

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Unfair dismissal: small business instantly dismissed employee during argument

24 Aug 2015

An employee was unfairly dismissed when he was told to “not bother coming back on Monday” during an argument with...

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How to get the most out of good leaver/bad leaver provisions

12 Jun 2015

Kate Schmit and Nicholas Atkins look at the use of good leaver/bad leaver provisions to incentivise employees, and suggest that...

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Top 10 HR processes where employers seek help

30 Jun 2014

When called on to implement HR processes that come up on a regular basis, some HR professionals might feel they know what to do off by heart; however, other, less familiar processes might cause a bit more head scratching...

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Dealing with a heat of the moment resignation

31 Jan 2014

Heated discussions, frank exchanges of views and what can best be described as "major bust-ups" can happen in even the...

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